Common Goal is to Build 2030 Gigawatt Offshore Wind Farms by 10

Common Goal To Establish Up to Gigawatt Above Sea Wind Power Plants
Common Goal is to Build 2030 Gigawatt Offshore Wind Farms by 10

📩 01/11/2022 13:51

Marentech Expo 26, which hosts the offshore energy sector of Turkey and the region, was held at Fuar İzmir between October 28-2022 and attracted great attention all over the world.

Statements from the important names of the industry participating in the Marentech Expo had a great impact in Europe, especially in Turkey and the countries in the region.

The series of conferences that will shape the world in the sector attracted great attention at the Marentech Expo 10 Offshore Energy Technologies Fair and Conference, which is also a unique trade platform that will bring together a volume of 12 billion euros in 2022 years, held in Fair İzmir.

WindEurope CEO Giles Dickson, who attended the fair via video conference, said that offshore wind energy is an important resource for countries in terms of locality, employment and growth.

Emphasizing that offshore wind energy has ceased to be an energy source unique to Northern Europe, Dickson said, “Currently, there are nearly 100 megawatts of floating offshore installations in Europe. If we look at the targets of different countries, we can now expect 2030 gigawatts of floating offshore wind installations in Europe, including Turkey, by 10.

Murat Durak, Chairman of the Board of the Offshore Wind Energy Association (DURED), said that the offshore wind power plants (WPP) have gained significant momentum in Europe, especially in the last 10 years. Durak said, “Today, we are in the fourth or fifth place in Europe with an installed power of close to 12 thousand megawatts. He said, “We will go towards the top three when we get involved in new projects of 3 megawatts.”


Meanwhile, the third of the four “clean meeting” events to be organized within the scope of the BEST For Energy Project, carried out by the İzmir Development Agency and the Energy Industrialists and Businessmen's Association (ENSİA), was also held in İzmir at the Marentech Expo.

In this context, 20 companies producing equipment and providing services to the clean energy sector in Izmir and its surroundings held 65 business meetings with their counterparts from Azerbaijan, Denmark, Greece, Norway, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Croatia, South Korea and Ukraine. With these bilateral business meetings, the foundation of new international business contacts was laid.


Another striking subject of the fair was RUZMER. İzmir Institute of Technology (İYTE) Energy Systems Engineering Department Doctor Lecturer Ferhat Bingöl, in his presentation at Marentech Expo 22, said that Turkey has a large offshore wind energy capacity.

Stating that they plan to work with the Wind Energy Meteorology and Environmental Test and Analysis Center (RUZMER) on these issues, and that RÜZMER will start operating in 2023, Bingöl said that thanks to the new device that will be added to the RUZMER inventory, this device will be able to take the measurements to higher levels, and that this device will be the first in Turkey. stressed that it will be in the centers.


Ümit Vural, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BİFAŞ, who organized the Marentech Expo 2022, also stated that they are very happy to bring Marentech EXPO, which is a leading and international event in its field, to Turkey, and said, "With Marentech, which has become a brand from now on, Turkish companies will be recognized more in the world. The fact that offshore wind energy will be discussed and discussed more in Turkey will carry the sector forward. In today's energy shortage, offshore wind power plants are an effective solution. Marentech Expo will provide a great contribution and momentum to the trade volume of the Turkish offshore energy sector. We have already started our work in 2023. We will be together again on 11-13 May 2023,'' he said.

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