Milestone in Digital Agriculture: 'NETAFIM GrowSphere'

Milestone in Digital Agriculture 'NETAFIM GrowSphere
Milestone in Digital Agriculture 'NETAFIM GrowSphere'

NETAFIM GrowSphere Operating System, launched at the 21st Growtech Agriculture Fair held at Antalya Anfaş Fair Center, was described as the most important link of digital agriculture initiatives that will shape the future of agriculture.

Speaking at the launch meeting, Pınar Fingersiz, General Manager of NETAFIM Turkey and Central Asia, drew attention to the importance of digital-assisted precision irrigation applications in the agricultural irrigation market and pointed out that GrowSphere has set a milestone in this area. Explaining all the technical aspects of the new operating system, NETAFIM Turkey Digital Agriculture Commercial Manager Timuçin Tuzcu stated that GrowSphere will increase the profitability of agricultural enterprises, productivity per hectare and productivity.

No Waste of Materials and Resources with the 'GrowSphere' All-in-One Operating System!

GrowSphere, developed by NETAFIM, is an intuitive all-in-one operating system that allows the grower to manage their daily irrigation and fertilization activities, especially in greenhouses and gardens. In this way, sensitive irrigation and fertilization processes can be managed in the planning, implementation and verification stages of irrigation systems of different scales.

GrowSphere operating system also enables remote access via tablet, PC and any mobile service provider. In the fields where different crops are planted, the control and traceability of the on-off mechanism of the valves can be provided at a predetermined time interval, not only at the level of a single main pipe, but also at the level of drip irrigation pipes, which plant groups need at different levels. In addition to the main control unit, other sensors, meteorology stations, valve and filter operability can be taken under full control. The effective use of GrowSphere, which offers many user-friendly functions, allows farmers to irrigate and fertilize within dosing limits, while the operating system also sends warning messages that regulate incorrect and incomplete program settings to users.

It is planned to integrate external solar panels into the GrowSphere system in the near future.

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