Mesopotamia Gourmet and Local Tastes Fair Opened Its Doors

Mesopotamia Gourmet and Local Flavors Fair Doors Acti
Mesopotamia Gourmet and Local Tastes Fair Opened Its Doors

📩 16/11/2022 13:01

Governor and Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Ali İhsan Su, opened the Mesopotamia Gourmet and Local Flavors Fair, which was held for the fourth time this year.

Organized by Diyarbakır Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DTSO) and ALZ Group, the Mesopotamia Gourmet and Local Tastes Fair opened its doors to visitors with works performed by the Choir of Civilizations.

After the opening, Governor Ali İhsan Su and his entourage toured the stands where the registered local flavors of Diyarbakır and the delicious local products of Anatolian cuisine were exhibited.

In addition, cooking workshops, interviews and competitions will be held at the fair with the participation of famous chefs, gourmets, academics and bloggers.

Fairs and events will be open to citizens until Saturday, November 20.

“As long as our women participate in the production and we help them”

At the fair, the introductory meeting of the training program, which was financed by the GAP Regional Development Administration within the scope of the unification of the institutional powers of the cooperatives, and carried out by the Yenişehir Municipality with the “Power of Production” project, which included 15 women's cooperatives, was held.

Governor Su, in his speech at the opening of the introductory meeting, said that the disasters that have occurred in the world in recent years due to global warming have caused disruptions in the production chain.

Emphasizing the importance of cooperatives where small producers come together at the beginning of various studies to be prepared for all these, Governor Su stated that they are making a separate effort to support cooperatives established by women.

“As long as our women produce, participate in the production and we help them.” Using his statements, Governor Su said:

“With this production, women make a great contribution to both the family budget, the production power of our country and our commercial development. In this regard, we are carrying out serious studies for the establishment and development of new cooperatives. With this project, we will provide an important contribution and support to our valuable cooperative members, our women's cooperative."

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