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Who gets the kosher mark for which product?

The kosher mark, called “Hechscher” in Hebrew, is important for the manufacturer or supplement in food. As a partner for the industry in cosmetics and cosmetics, you will use the kosher sign. it's you. This way, you immediately present your state with partners and customers marked with a kosher sign as a trusted company use. Products and additives are bias-free and the highest hygiene standards throughout the production process.

More than 90% of the time today, when processed and mixed with other products or supplemented with additives, Kosher certification becomes important. Followers of the Ydów faith are guaranteed adherence to the principles of their faith. For health-conscious people, consumers, vegetarians and vegans, the kosher mark is the purity of the product, as well as asciwy sposób livestock.

Certification process – three steps for kosher certification

The certification process begins with the analysis of the product to obtain a detailed combination of the product with the product separately. For the purpose of this analysis, you will provide you with model forms that have been submitted to us in their entirety. For non-kosher models, we offer a viable kosher alternative.

In addition to the complete forms, we need complete and detailed documentation from you regarding:

  • end of production process
  • Description of shipping and packaging as well as storage
  • HACCP Plans and existing CCP points
  • Definition of the production process flow chart of the production process

Based on this document, an audit can be made. On this basis, we will determine whether your products can be certified with the brand.

Step 2 – Onsite inspection

your products kosher  certified If so, the inspection can take place at your place. Two weeks before the audit, we will set a date for the meeting with you.

Step 3 — Kosher Certificate

After inspection, immediately  kosher  certificates We will provide and get your kosher logo/label to be used on your company equipment, advertising item and packaging. After one year, the kosher certificate must be updated.

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