Important Digitization Step at Istanbul Airport

An Important Digitization Step at Istanbul Airport
Important Digitization Step at Istanbul Airport

📩 10/11/2022 17:00

IGA Istanbul Airport, the most important global transfer center in the world, has implemented the "Forwarding Service" of the Advanced Ground Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS) technology, which it developed in line with its digitalization strategy and which is the first application of this level (Level 3) in the world. The system stands out for providing the best integration for advanced situational awareness and operational control.

For a more sustainable airport; The issue of rapid adaptation of new technologies in the aviation industry to existing practices and procedures is increasing day by day. In this direction, İGA Istanbul Airport carries out the necessary planning studies, 100% compliant with Eurocontrol specifications and Eurocae performance criteria, by optimizing the needs of all stakeholders within the framework of the rules of national and international institutions; It carries out joint studies with airlines, other airports, aircraft manufacturers and subgroups suitable for the dynamic structure of the industry.

With increasing flight traffic; Aiming to maximize the existing runway and taxiway capacity while maintaining the highest level of security, IGA Istanbul Airport announced that it has implemented the Advanced Ground Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS) technology, the "Forwarding Service", which is the first application of this level (Level 3) in the world. .

IGA Istanbul Airport Deputy General Manager for Planning and Eurocontrol PRC Member İsmail Hakkı Polat made the presentation of the launch of A-SMGCS, DHMI Deputy General Manager Dr. Cengiz Paşaoğlu, European Commission DG Move General Manager Henrik Hololei, SESAR JU Executive Director Andreas Boschen, Eurocontrol DG Consultant Haydar Yalçın, and senior officials of AHEN and SAAB companies attended.

Win & win situation for all stakeholders

Stating that the A-SMGCS system, which covers 3 main runways, 2 auxiliary runways, 178 taxiways, 367 stands and 14 million m2 PAT area at Istanbul Airport, and the entire airside operation area of ​​Istanbul Airport, has been in use since 2018. Polat stated that all functions of the system were developed jointly with DHMI Navigation and Electronics Departments, Istanbul Airport Air Traffic Control Tower teams, our industry stakeholder AHEN – SAAB engineers and it is in operation 7/24 at IGA Istanbul Airport. “Advanced Ground Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS), a system that supports the movement of aircraft and vehicles in all conditions and traffic density, provides the best integration for advanced, advanced situational awareness and operational control at IGA Istanbul Airport. We are excited to have implemented the 'Advanced Ground Movement Guidance and Control System' (A-SMGCS) technology, which is the first application at this level (Level 3) in line with our digitalization strategy,” said Polat, adding that the system provides a safer operation to airport operators and a more efficient operation to airline transportation companies. pointed out that it offers passengers faster transportation with short taxi times.

The A-SMGCS concept consists of four phases

With A-SMGCS, Surveillance (Level 1), Safety Support (Level 2), Guidance (Level 3) and Guidance (Level 4) services are provided in airside operations, regardless of weather conditions and without losing situational awareness, and the performance of all stakeholders in airside operations is also monitored. can be achieved. With the A-SMGCS system, the location, identity and tracking of aircraft and ground vehicles is ensured, and it is aimed to increase the safety and efficiency of ground movement operations, especially in all weather conditions. With all its functions, the A-SMGCS system helps to effectively manage all processes such as operational efficiency, airport capacity management, emission and noise reduction.

A-SMGCS systems around the world are generally in limited use at Level 2, due to the inadequate infrastructure and high infrastructure improvement investments. Ensuring the use of optimum taxiways for aircraft, together with Level 3 (Guidance - Determining the most efficient route for each aircraft/vehicle) and Level 4 (Guidance - Pilot and ground vehicle drivers following the allotted route) at Istanbul Airport With the safer and more efficient aircraft ground movements, the reduction of carbon emissions will be inevitable.

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