IMM Launches 'Transportation Support Package' Campaign

IMM Launches 'Transportation Support Package' Campaign
IMM Launches 'Transportation Support Package' Campaign

📩 15/11/2022 16:56

A new one has been added to the 'Pending Invoice' application implemented by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality for Istanbul residents who applied for assistance during the pandemic period and had difficulty paying their bills. A 'Transportation Support Package' campaign was launched for citizens who have difficulty in providing transportation.

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluThe social aid packages announced by . "We will not leave anyone in trouble in Istanbul" continue to reach the citizens. 61 million 193.970 TL for 'Pending Invoice', 13 million 380.450 TL for 'Family Package Support', 9 million 661.000 TL for 'Mother-Baby Support Package', 7 million 231.500 TL for 'Education Support Package' were delivered to those in need.


A 'Transportation Support Package' was added to the 4 support packages that reached millions of Istanbul residents. 300 TL started to be paid for citizens who have difficulties in paying the transportation fee in the city. After the aid is deposited on the Istanbulkart of the citizen in need, he will be informed via SMS. Within the scope of the Transportation Support Package, the support package pending this month is 97 thousand 175. The matching support package this month is 9 thousand 607. And 15 million 2 TL was paid to the citizens in the last 882.00 days. Those who want to support the campaign can do so via the website.

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