İBB Starts Project to Revive Büyükdere Nursery

IBB Launches Project to Revitalize Buyukdere Nursery
İBB Starts Project to Revive Büyükdere Nursery

IMM; He started the project that will return the Büyükdere Nursery, which was established in 1928 at Atatürk's request, to the old days of the Büyükdere Nursery, which was founded in 1936 and which was home to Turkey's first Horticultural School, whose activities ceased in 1997. Sharing the information that the nursery area has been used as the field garage of the IMM Road and Maintenance and Repair Directorate since the 2000s and it is in a derelict state, the IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu, underlined that they set out with the aim of reviving a historical heritage. "This is a very valuable step, but we will not be limited to this," said İmamoğlu, "We will also establish a seed center here. We are taking a historic step. In this center, local seeds are like a gene center to be stored in refrigerated warehouses for a long time. These seeds, which come to the center, will be reproduced by planting them in production plots and greenhouses in the same area. Seedlings and other seeds from the vegetable group will also be distributed free of charge to our people and farmers from here.”

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) initiated the project to revitalize the historical Büyükdere Nursery, which was established in 1928 by the order of Atatürk and which houses Turkey's first Horticultural School. A groundbreaking ceremony was held for the nursery as part of the “150 Projects in 150 Days” marathon. In the ceremony; IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu, Sarıyer Mayor Şükrü Genç and İBB Park, Garden and Green Areas Department Head Prof. Dr. Yasin Çağatay Seçkin gave speeches.


In his speech, İmamoğlu reminded that we are approaching the second century of the founding of the Republic of Turkey, and Mustafa Kemal Atatürk said, “Of course, we have a responsibility to protect the values ​​and achievements of the Republic. We have the responsibility to evaluate what we have accomplished in this century and what we have not accomplished. To understand Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of our Republic, and even to glorify this Republic like him, to raise it even higher… Which Atatürk has repeatedly stated. In other words, it has given us responsibility at the point of 'You will do better'. In this respect, it is necessary to question all these and look at what we could do and what we could not. We must question. In fact, the Nursery for the Seniors stands in a very meaningful place in terms of questioning, at a very meaningful point. Looking here; Should we bow our heads? Should we be ashamed? Should we be proud? What should we do? We should analyze the process that led to the transformation of Turkey's first fruit orchard and nursery into a garage and an open car park, turning it into a dark place, so to speak, like a storage area," he said.


Sharing the information that the area, which was founded in 1928 and the Horticultural School was established in 1936, was turned into the field garage and open car park of the IMM Road and Maintenance and Repair Directorate in the 2000s, İmamoğlu said, This nursery in Büyükdere is a mirror of how the local and national feeling is conveyed to the next generation and to the future. And we experience this in every corner of the historical peninsula. When we see its condition while unearthing a dervish lodge that was established there before the conquest, how did we actually protect our spirituality, our past and our heritage while cleaning the shrines that were in the garbage dump - there are many more we will reveal - in this context? In my opinion, this nursery, which was established by the order of Atatürk, should be evaluated in that sense and X-rays should be taken.


Saying, “Even Büyükdere Nursery presents the story of neglect and ignorance to us,” İmamoğlu said, “We; At the point of Atatürk's legacy, the legacy of our Republic, I would like to give good news to all Sarıyer, our Istanbul and even our Turkey that a very strong and sparkling new page has opened in the story of Büyükdere Nursery. This area, which we will lay the foundation and start, will also become a sparkling green area, an area for active production, and a center where gardeners are trained. We will bring a very valuable green area to Istanbul, which also includes urban production functions," he said. Emphasizing that with the Atatürk City Forest in Hacıosman, which was not actively used by the previous İBB administration, the Büyükdere Nursery to be renovated and the Baltalimanı Yaşam Vadisi, which was started to be built, an area of ​​approximately 1 million 550 thousand square meters will be brought to Sarıyer, İmamoğlu said, “In 2023, a completely active greenery will be created. When it is presented as an area, we will experience the pleasure and honor of presenting almost five square meters of non-active areas per person to Sarıyer in these four and a half years.”


Pointing out that they will renew the Büyükdere Nursery with the aim of reviving a historical heritage, İmamoğlu said: “This is a very valuable step. But we will not be limited to this. We will also establish a seed center here, which is in great need of today. This is a very important thing. In fact, we are taking a historic step. Here, in this center; local seeds will be stored in refrigerated warehouses for a long time. It's like a gene center. These seeds, which come to the center, will be reproduced by planting them in production plots and greenhouses in the same area. Seedlings and other seeds from the vegetable group will also be distributed free of charge to our people and farmers from here. Everyone who comes to Büyükdere Nursery will have the opportunity to benefit from an active and quality green area. He will once again feel how meaningful and important the nature, life and people of the Republic are for this country. The gardening school here will also provide a very special education to every citizen who wants to receive education in this field. With its library, activity and sports fields, bicycle and pedestrian paths, cafeteria, restaurant, parking lot, and skateboard rink, we will also provide an opportunity for Istanbulites of all ages to come here and experience a very special, very green and very historical area.”


Stating that the first phase of the nursery is planned to be opened to the public on May 19, 2023 and the entire plant on October 29, 2023, İmamoğlu said: “The Republic is important to us. It is the case of producing wealth out of poverty and adding value to this country, Cumhuriyet. For him, Büyükdere Nursery is actually an education for this. We will protect this legacy of the Republic together. We, with our 85 million people, will protect, expand and advance all the material and moral heritage of the Republic and Atatürk. We will prove to all of Turkey that the Republic is a mechanism where our equal and honorable citizens and citizens live in peace, and that the rulers know their place and place, and that it is an administrative administration. We will remind everyone that there is a regime of rights and freedoms. We will always tell, teach and remind them that the Republic is the regime for our children to be very strong, be very brave, and express their opinions with their free will wherever they want, in the highest way. Such spaces will be their spaces of freedom. In other words, we will never be the 'benevolent heirs' of the Republic. We are people who believe in the goodness and abundance of this Republic.”


Saying, "We will not allow anyone to try to divert this beautiful Republic in different directions," İmamoğlu said, "It is also there that the transformation of Turkey's first nursery and gardening school from a ruined garage to a green field and a seed center instead of a production coincides with the centennial of our Republic. I feel and see the gushing of fertility from the soil as an important message. And I believe it. I am a person who believes in the fertility of our country. Don't forget this word 'blessing'. The promise of abundance will mark 2023. Because fertility will gush out of their soil, abundance will gush out of their minds, and there will be fruitful productions in technology. Abundance will come to our tables, abundance will come to our homes. Don't forget the promise of blessings. Of course, next to abundance; We will experience a period in which we have succeeded in eliminating waste, prioritizing savings, being innovative, being progressive people, and being people who never regress.”


Genç, who shared the information that Büyükdere Nursery was given to İBB instead of Sarıyer Municipality by the Special Provincial Administration in the past, said, “It was a hit; good thing they did. They really could have done something else. Now, of course, we are happy about that," he said. In terms of service of Sarıyer, Ekrem İmamoğlu Noting that he met with İBB together with İBB, Genç said, “This project, the foundation of which was laid today, tells us that hope always exists and that it will grow. Therefore, there is no need to despair. The project is also a very important project that increases the amount of green space per capita in Istanbul. We have brought an end to the betrayal of the citizens of Sarıyer and Istanbul, who, like the Atatürk City Forest area, were left idle for years. Dear everyone who contributed and the President of İBB Ekrem İmamoğlu I am very grateful to my brother," he said.


prof. Seçkin also gave detailed information about the project in his speech. prof. According to the information Seçkin shared; Büyükdere Nursery and Horticulture School, which was established in 1928 at the request of Atatürk and ceased operations in 1997, has suffered great damage over the years and has become unusable. Büyükdere Nursery, which was closed by the Istanbul Special Provincial Administration in 2001 and passed into the ownership of IMM in 2013; In 2022, it was designed by adding different functions in addition to the gardening school function. Within the scope of the project, which was designed on an area of ​​180.000 square meters, the historical values ​​of the Büyükdere Nursery were preserved and a design project was prepared that will provide Istanbul residents with a new green space, including urban production functions. The designs that will be included in the project, where the natural structure is preserved, will be as follows:

  • Horticultural School
  • Library
  • Seed Center
  • Cafeteria, Restaurant
  • Children's playground
  • Event place
  • Skateboarding Track
  • Basketball court
  • Bicycle- Pedestrian Paths
  • Car park
  • WC

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