İBB: 'Terrorist Does Not Work in Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Cannot Work'

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality
The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

In the statement made by the Minister of Interior, Süleyman Soylu, regarding the allegation that there are people affiliated with and affiliated with terrorist organizations among the municipal personnel, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) said, "Terrorists do not work in Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, they cannot work."

The written statement made by İBB is as follows: “Recruitment in İBB, its subsidiaries and affiliates is carried out in accordance with all relevant legislation provisions. In fact, the letters we wrote to the Governor's Office and the Ministry, including the statement that 557 terrorists are working, as stated by the Minister in his first statement, are still waiting for an answer.

In this context, a total of 24 people have been recruited since June 2019, 28.700, and 19.907 people have left their jobs for various reasons. Seasonal jobs such as winter road maintenance and lifeguards are included in the entry and exit of work, as well as periodic jobs that are done regularly every year.

According to the decision of the Constitutional Court in September 2019, it is not legally possible to conduct an archive research security investigation between September 2019 and April 2021.

Except for these dates, archive research requests were made for 17.839 people who were recruited, and 15.277 responses were received so far. As it is clearly stated in the relevant legislation, archive research requests should be answered within 30 working days, while our requests are answered in over 90 days on average. There are 180 people for whom we have been waiting for an answer for more than 33 days. This situation puts a lot of pressure on our institutions in terms of the sustainability of the works and their presentation to the citizens.

Among the responses to all these research requests, a terrorism-related investigation or crime element was found in the report of 64 people in total, and the business relations of these people were terminated on the same day. 3 of them are pre-2019 entry. Only 22 of these reports show a person with a final sentence in the past. That is, other reports refer to an ongoing investigation or investigation.

Many unfounded accusations also victimized institutions and people during this period. For example, in this period, news about 33 employees were made in the newspapers, and even the archive research of 15 of these employees was clean. They are still working.

As a result, terrorists do not and cannot work in Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. All kinds of information coming or coming from the relevant units of our state are handled meticulously and the necessary is done and will be done. Our sensitivity to National Security is closed to discussion due to our administrative culture, which is nourished by our love of homeland.

Günceleme: 27/11/2022 12:34

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