Famous Actor Rıza Akın Died? Who is Rıza Akın, where is he from, how old was he?

Famous Player Riza Akin Who is Riza Akin How old was he?
Famous Actor Rıza Akın Died Who is Rıza Akin, Where was he from, How old was he?

Famous actress Rıza Akın had a cerebral hemorrhage yesterday (November 1) and was taken to the intensive care unit. Akın died this morning in the hospital where he was taken. Akın's friend Menderes Samancılar announced the bitter news on Twitter. Details about Rıza Akın's funeral have also become clear.

Famous actor Menderes Samancılar announced that his colleague Rıza Akın was taken to intensive care yesterday. Saying that Akın had a brain hemorrhage, Samancılar shared the following on his Twitter account:

My brother Rıza Akın had a brain hemorrhage. He's out of surgery, in intensive care. God bless his loved ones. My brother will get through this too. We believe and trust all our doctors until the end.

Funeral Tomorrow

Samancılar announced the devastating news this morning. Saying that Rıza Akın passed away, Samancılar published the message "We lost my dear brother Rıza Akın".

Details of Rıza Akın's funeral have also become clear. According to this; A ceremony will be held for Akın tomorrow (November 3) at Beyoğlu Atlas Cinema. Akın's body will be buried in Adana on Friday.

Who is Rıza Akın, where is he from, how old was he?

Rıza Akın (Born on September 15, 1957, Adana – Dead on November 2, 2022) is a Turkish actor. She was a board member of the Adana Theater Association.

He was born on September 15, 1957 as a child of a family from Erzincan. He met theater in Adana Community Center during his secondary school years (Adana's Theater History – Assoc. Nurhan Tekerek). He moved to Ankara for the theater. He became a professional at Ankara Birlik Theatre. After taking a break from his theater life (1969-1977), he studied communication and started to work as a journalist. He continued the theater in Adana with works other than acting. He founded the Seyhan Municipality Theater Group in 1997 and served as its art consultant for five years. He returned to acting in 2005 with Tayfun Pirselimoğlu's unfinished Quartet. He was a news reporter and acting on a national television.

Actor Rıza Akın, who came to his hometown Adana as part of the International Orange Blossom Carnival, married Japanese Miho Shimotashiro in the orange garden in Hadırlı Mahallesi on April 5, 2019. She passed away on November 2, 2022.

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