Gölyazı Road Has Been Renewed From The Beginning

Golyazi Road Erase Renewed Again
Gölyazı Road Has Been Renewed From The Beginning

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which brings radical solutions to the transportation problem with the rail system, bridges and intersections, new roads and road widening works in Bursa, continues its efforts to make the existing roads healthier. Within the scope of the works covering the 17 districts of Bursa, the 4300-meter-long and 8-meter-wide road between the İzmir road and Gölyazı was completely renewed. 6 thousand tons of excavation and filling works were carried out and 40 thousand tons of asphalt was poured on the road that provides access to Gölyazı, which is one of the richest ancient settlements in the city, whose history dates back to the 8th century BC and is flooded with visitors especially on weekends. With the completion of the work, transportation to Gölyazı has also become more comfortable.

“We are performing”

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş, who spoke at the ceremony held for the opening of the road, said that they were happy to fulfill one more thing they promised. Stating that Gölyazı is one of the rare regions that have cost history and humanity, Mayor Alinur Aktaş underlined that Uluabat Lake has a rich species diversity. Expressing that it is one of the 12 ramsar areas taken under protection in Turkey because it is an important wetland, Mayor Aktaş said that Uluabat gives life to a value like Gölyazı. Explaining that Gölyazı is one of the unique places where history and nature are intertwined, Mayor Aktaş said, “The region, which is a completely protected area, bears important traces of historical heritage. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we are doing our best to increase the attractiveness of Gölyazı. We are taking action, and some people leave their trucks next to our actions and give an image. As a team, we are in the process of laying stones. Within the scope of our previous works on the whole island, granite, parquet and border flooring were carried out. These works were carried out in a total area of ​​47 thousand square meters. In addition, we made arrangements such as wrought iron railings and urban furniture around the square. Within the scope of Gölyazı street and street ground arrangement application work, 3 thousand 330 square meters of microgranulated cobblestone coating and border productions were made, starting from Cumhuriyet Street to the cemetery area.

“Our work will continue”

Reminding that the infrastructure works were started and completed in 2018 with the help of BUSKI during the period of former Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Recep Altepe, Mayor Alinur Aktaş said that the construction of 4 pumping stations and 6,2 kilometers of pumping line was carried out, and 17 kilometers of sewerage network was produced. Finally, Mayor Aktaş stated that the works on the 4 kilometer long connection road in Gölyazı have been completed and said, “Our 4 kilometer road was built 8 meters wide. Within the scope of the works, a total of 40 thousand square meters of paving stone, 7043 square meters of natural granite stone, 30.460 square meters of micron parquet, 2.326 square meters of normal stone, 3.380 meters of curbs, 1700 cubic meters of concrete were produced here. Our road works cost a total of 41 million 500 thousand TL, including asphalt, guardrails, traffic signs and line works. From the first day, around 88 million TL was spent along with other productions. Good bye. I have great respect for the work of women in Gölyazı. We will see together that these places will become active starting from the spring months with the other works we will do. Bursa is a city that wants investment. We are present in all infrastructure works, main arteries and green areas in 17 districts. We have a problem, we have excitement. We work in unity and solidarity by adding our night to the day like a bee. The beauties made are the beauties made in Nilüfer and Bursa. Our work will continue to increase. Good luck,” he said.

Bursa Deputy Mustafa Esgin stated that the Metropolitan Municipality has fulfilled another demand of the people. Stating that Bursa is not an ordinary city, it is the summary of a world state, Esgin said, “Bursa is the city of employment and economy. Bursa is also a tourism city. You can do winter, faith, culture, thermal and nature tourism in this city. In this sense, Gölyazı is the pearl of Bursa, Turkey and the world. Recently, we have met all their needs from infrastructure to superstructure. There was also a lot of demand for the road connecting to the Izmir road. I would like to thank Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and Mayor Alinur Aktaş for their services. As a team, we do service politics. We do politics by touching the hearts of our people. We will continue to work for Bursa, the most beautiful city in Turkey. I wish the new road to be good," he said.

Bursa Deputy Muhammet Müfit Aydın said that as in all regions of Bursa, Gölyazı has been raining service in the last 20 years. Explaining that Gölyazı's face has been changed in every aspect from infrastructure to superstructure, Aydın thanked Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and Mayor Alinur Aktaş for their services. Stating that those who do not serve the country are a wedge in the services provided, Aydın said that they will continue to work for a more beautiful Bursa and Turkey, despite all the obstacles.
Nilüfer District Governor Dr. Mustafa Özarslan said that the world has now turned into a small village and that countries and cities are in competition in every field. Stating that cities, districts and neighborhoods can now contribute to the development of the country, Özarslan stated that the managers work with all their energy to ensure that the people reach the welfare they deserve. Expressing that the investments made by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality are the best example of this, Özarslan said that the newly built comfortable road will contribute greatly to the development of Gölyazı tourism.

Gölyazı Neighborhood Headman İbrahim Şahin thanked Bursa Metropolitan Municipality for the services rendered to Gölyazı, which is an important asset of Turkey and Bursa in terms of its history and location.

After the speeches, the Gölyazı road was put into service with the ribbon cutting of the Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş and the members of the protocol. President Aktaş and his entourage later came together with the people of the neighborhood. sohbet He.

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