CZN Burak Makes Disclosures Regarding Monthly Income

CZN Burak Makes Disclosures Regarding His Monthly Income
CZN Burak Makes Disclosures Regarding Monthly Income

Muhammed Burak Özdemir, who owns many venues in Turkey and abroad, Youtube He made statements about his monthly income in the program.

Muhammed Burak Özdemir, known as 'CZN' Burak and became a phenomenon on social media, was the subject of his statement regarding his monthly income in the case where he was tried for the crime of "causing construction pollution". CZN Burak, who announced his monthly income as 30 thousand TL in the lawsuit, said that Oğuzhan Uğur YouTubeHe was a guest on the 'Let's Be' program and clarified his monthly income statement.

Explaining the current situation in the restaurant, CZN Burak said, “Of course, people do not know that my father is a 40-year-old businessman. The father-son relationship is more than the employer-employee relationship. I said to my father, of course it will not be the same again, of course I want more improvement in my life, I said I am now CZN Burak.

CZN Burak said that the money I earn is obvious, of course the money I received from my father is not 30 thousand TL. The rest is my business with my father.”

Regarding the reactions, CZN Burak said, “There are many who turn this situation into humor. There are also those who understand me and guess and say, "It's his father's company, he's saying the official money he earned with him". There are those who make very serious accusations. I am a person who has rejected the money that their mind can fly. Because work is important to me,” he said.

Günceleme: 08/11/2022 10:23

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