Clean Energy for a Clean Future Conference was Held in İzmir

Clean Energy Conference for a Clean Future was Held in Izmir
Clean Energy for a Clean Future Conference was Held in İzmir

The international conference titled Clean Energy for a Clean Future was held on 8 November 2022 in İzmir. In the opening speech of the conference, İzmir Development Agency General Secretary Dr. Mehmet Yavuz stated that since the establishment of the Agency, they have been working within the framework of sustainable development. He said that they have recently deepened their work within the framework of green growth and blue growth focus, and that for about 10 years, very good works have been carried out together with the stakeholders, and as of the current stage, a very important accumulation has been achieved in İzmir in terms of both electricity generation from clean energy and the equipment used in the production of clean energy. . In order to be able to manage and direct a sector, it is necessary to know the sector and to establish the information infrastructure about the sector; As the agency, together with the BEST For Energy team, they said that this was actually done in the project and that they were aware of how they could direct the development of the sector with the knowledge infrastructure of this sector and how they could manage this sector. He said that the next opportunities will be discussed.

ENSİA Board Member Onur Günduru stated that they came very close to the targets they set on the day ENSİA was founded, with the contribution of the BEST For Energy Project, and stated that new targets for the future should now be determined. He said that he is happy to be able to talk about the strategy predictions for the upcoming period with stakeholders from abroad and at home at this event.

Evaluating the BEST For Energy Project, DAI Global Project Manager Jelena Tadzic said that an important stage has been completed with the Clean Energy Conference for the Clean Future in the BEST For Energy Project, which they started to implement in June 2020, and that all analysis studies carried out for the clean energy and clean technologies sector are the strategy at today's event. stated that it became concrete with its launch.

Aegean Exporters' Unions Coordinator Chairman Jak Eskinazi, Izenerji Chairman of the Board Ali Ercan TÜRKOĞLU, Smart Solar Technologies Business Development Director Osman Şahin, Ateş Wind Power Co-founder Mahmut GÜLDOĞAN attended the İzmir and Clean Future session as a panelist, in which projects and investments that will increase the competitiveness of the sector were discussed. receipt. Studies for the establishment of İzmir Clean Energy Specialized Organized Industrial Zone and Renewable Energy Exporters' Association, developments regarding new private sector investments, export potential of the sector, trends in the sector İzmir Development Agency YDO Coordinator H.İ. It was discussed under the moderation of Murat Çelik. Eskinazi; In his speech at the session, he said that a clean energy exporters union should be established in Turkey's clean energy center, the Aegean, and that they are working on this.

Eskinazi pointed out the importance of establishing an exporter's union in developed sectors such as the clean energy sector and said, “This will enable the sector to gather under one roof and benefit more from the existing incentives. We will establish this union. We also talked to our minister and our deputy ministers. They are waiting for information from us.” made its assessment.

Barcelona City Council Consultant Marc Sans, SPRI Innovation Director Cristina Oyon, HINE Group Business Development Director Jon Nunez, Basque Energy Cluster General Manager Jose Ignacio, Hormaeche, Cluster Energia Cluster Manager Francesc Ribera Grau, USAID Power Central Asia Vice President Ms. Abylkairova, panelist In the afternoon sessions, in which he took part in the clean energy sector, applications related to clean energy in the innovation ecosystem and cooperation between clusters in the clean energy sector were discussed.

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