Chery Sets New Standards in Hybrid Technology

Chery Sets New Standards in Hybrid Technology
Chery Sets New Standards in Hybrid Technology

Chery, “DP-i Intelligent Hybrid Architecture” has set a new standard for the development of global hybrid technology, which is considered another major leap in “intelligent” manufacturing. Chery's “DP-i Intelligent Hybrid Architecture” adopts four key components for hybridization with fully independent R&D. The new architecture features three systems, i-HEC Smart Efficiency, i-BMS Smart Power and i-DHT Smart Core, which reveal the unprecedented advantages of smart progress.

“Pioneering new generation technologies”

Chery is committed to leading with technology and innovating to continuously improve the quality development of the Chinese auto industry and provide users with an ever-evolving value experience. Addressing users' concerns about technology, Chery sets new standards in the hybrid market.

Chery's “DP-i Intelligent Hybrid Architecture” achieves environmental protection goals by offering a new solution. The new energy products within the scope of Chery "DP-i Intelligent Hybrid Architecture" perfectly respond to the real problems of users with the advantages of "speed", "long-term durability" and "energy saving".

“A range of over 1000 km with new technology”

Chery's “DP-i Intelligent Hybrid Architecture” is equipped with the brand's special hybrid battery system with light weight, high energy density and low loss. This special hybrid battery creates a “1+1>2” effect when used with Chery's special DHT hybrid system. It not only easily reaches a range of over 1000 km, but also offers advantages such as high power generation, more enjoyable driving and a more controlled structure.

“Growth in both local and global markets”

In a comprehensive “acceleration process,” Chery Group has significantly improved its market sales, product quality and customer reputation, and has achieved significant growth both in China and in the global market. Chery sold 111 vehicles in August, up 141.767% from the same month last year. Cumulative sales volume between January and October, on the other hand, increased by 38.8% compared to the same period of the previous year, exceeding 1 million 26 thousand units. Thus, cumulative sales exceeded one million vehicles for the first time during the year.

Underlying the increased sales success lies Chery's progress in powertrain systems over the past twenty-five years, the successful international development of the hybrid system, as well as its "technical superiority" in overcoming the technical barriers of foreign companies. To showcase its breakthrough in technology, Chery recently held the “2025 Chery Technology Day” event in Anhui, China, followed by a series of innovative technologies such as the intelligent flight cabin with EEA5.0 Architecture.

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