Antalya Earthquake Master Plan Work Continues

Antalya Earthquake Master Plan Work Continues
Antalya Earthquake Master Plan Work Continues

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Earthquake Master Plan studies continue. The activities to be carried out with other institutions within the scope of the Earthquake Master Plan to be implemented in order to make Antalya safe against earthquakes were explained to the participants at the Earthquake Master Plan Institutional Information Meeting.

Metropolitan Municipality Chief Advisor to the Mayor Cem Oğuz, Deputy Mayor of Muratpaşa Municipality Emel Uygun Bolten, Head of Department of Reconstruction and Urbanization Hüsamettin Elmas, Head of Urban Aesthetics Department Barış Soykam and Metropolitan Municipality, District Manager at the Earthquake Master Plan Institution Information Meeting, which was prepared to cover 19 districts of Antalya. relevant technical personnel from municipalities and infrastructure institutions participated. At the meeting, a presentation was made by Civil Engineer Ecehan Olucak, Head of Department of Urban Aesthetics, Department of Earthquake Risk Management.

We Prepare Our City

Chief Advisor to the Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, Cem Oğuz, stated that the works are carried out quickly to make Antalya earthquake-prepared.

Emphasizing that natural disaster issues have been talked about in the country for years, but the planning is not done in any way, Cem Oğuz said, “The concept of Earthquake Master Plan was put forward by various professional chambers. However, the institution that will own it was not defined until the beginning of 2022. In the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Plan-IRAP prepared by AFAD in 2022, all relevant institutions and organizations, their duties and processes will be determined under the coordination of our Metropolitan Municipality. We are preparing our city for a possible earthquake or natural disaster,” he said.

Cbs Data Will Be Generated

Ecehan Olucak, Civil Engineer, Head of the Department of Earthquake Risk Management, also made a presentation and said: "Within the scope of the first phase of the plan, "Building inventory studies for the determination of the building stock", the micro-zoning to be carried out on a neighborhood basis, and in accordance with the implementation regulation of the Law No. 6306 on Transformation of Areas Under Disaster Risk. Data will be collected for risk analysis by performing a 1st stage structure review. In a sense, the identity information of the building is extracted and the purpose of use of the building, reinforced concrete, number of floors, year of construction and peer density etc. information will be obtained. Studies on the provision of population data will also be carried out and processed as GIS data. Afterwards, risk analyzes will be completed and an Earthquake Master Plan will be created. As “Building stock determination studies” with IRAP are planned under the responsibility of the district municipality, we will carry out these studies primarily with the teams we will form from the district municipalities and the metropolitan municipality as support. At the same time, it should be completed simultaneously by emphasizing the issues determined in the IRAP that infrastructure institutions should do for their own facilities.”

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