Aegean Locations – Izmir Real Estate Specialist

Aegean Locations – Izmir Real Estate Specialist
Aegean Locations – Izmir Real Estate Specialist

Aegean Locations is focused on selling real estate in Hair transplant Turkey in the most interesting areas, and was founded a bit more than 5 years ago. The founder is a native Dutch person and realized there was no professional real estate agency to assist foreigners with the purchase of property for sale in İzmir or Çeşme in Turkey. At this moment Aegean Locations has 2 offices located in İzmir and Çeşme. With our “National Association of Realtors” license and other certificates we already assisted hundreds of customers with utmost integrity. For more information About Us, you can follow the link.

General Information About Izmir

İzmir is a metropolis city in the western part of Turkey and is the third place of most populated city in Turkey, after Istanbul and Ankara. In ancient times the city was called “Smyrna”. These days İzmir is a developed, modern and commercial center with a big bay surrounded by some mountains. There are a lot of historical churches and mosques. The city has a laid-back atmosphere like the Mediterranean part of Europe. İzmir has a strong economic position because of its location and huge industrial harbor. The industrial port is an import feature of the whole city and has an advantageous location, perfectly suitable for various import and export activities. Furthermore it has the youngest population of whole Turkey. Therefore, apartments for sale in İzmir are in high demand these days.

İzmir Today

İzmir has the same facilities as Istanbul, like huge modern shopping malls, state-of-the-art hospitals, plenty of universities, big parks, amazing nightlife, international hotel brands, delicious cuisine, theatres, cinemas, multiple marinas, and much more. With a population of 4,3 million people, İzmir is the third-largest city in Turkey.


In general, most Real estate in İzmir are apartment buildings. In other nearby areas, like “Güzelbahçe” there are Villas for sale in İzmir For more information about this region you can check our YouTube channel as well.

Investment and Properties in İzmir

Aegean Locations is always making a careful selection of the most reliable development companies in İzmir which are offering the highest quality, and is using the best construction materials. Because of the huge advantages in prices, off-plan properties are having much interest from potential property buyers in İzmir. Our internationally licensed real estate agency provides comprehensive assistance and guide to Invest in Turkey from A to Z. A large amount of property buyers is purchasing properties in İzmir to obtain Turkish Citizenship  buys property in Izmir in order to obtain

Apartment for Sale Izmir

Aegean locations assist all foreign investors in this whole procedure and calculate what makes the most financial sense. Every year, more and more foreigners are looking for property for sale in Turkey. Some areas are more popular with foreign buyers than others and for good reason we believe that Izmir is one of those areas for many reasons, it is very comfortable to live in Izmir…

Aegean Locations – Izmir Real Estate Specialist

Çeşme is a Luxurious Coastal Town located 1 hour drive from İzmir great  

Fountain is very popular among the high society of Turkey, famous footballers, actors, and other celebrities purchased for Villas for sale in Çeşme. The Luxury facilities like; high-end beach clubs, yacht harbors, and beach resorts make Çeşme the highest quality Coastal town in Turkey. Experts say that Çeşme has the best white sand beaches and coastlines in whole Turkey. In Çeşme more than XNUMX white sand beaches are available to enjoy, and Çeşme is considered the “Saint Tropez” of Turkey.

Property for sale Izmir

Cesme Propertieshas a long history of ever-increasing prices. Although the region is not as famous as Istanbul and Bodrum among foreigners, domestic investors and real estate buyers have already shown their interest in Çeşme for a while. It is a well-known place for holiday homes and second homes for Izmir's wealthy population. Later, property buyers from Istanbul also discovered Çeşme. Due to its convenient location close to Izmir Metropolitan city, various districts of Çeşme and easy access to some Greek Islands such as Chios and Lesbos, the region is the most diverse in Turkey. It will most likely become one of Turkey's leading top international tourism destinations. Therefore, buying a property in Çeşme is a rewarding decision.

Villa for sale Cesme

Investment in Çeşme

Çeşme has proven its profitability with rental yields up to %7 a year. The reason for this is a huge demand of rental properties, seasonally as well as weekly. The market for local tenants is striving as many people prefer to stay with their family in private properties for a longer term instead of a few days in a hotel. If you buy a house in Çeşme it is up to you to participate in this high yield activity or to just enjoy your property in Çeşme yourself. The yearly appreciation of real estate in Çeşme is around 5% to 10% a year in USD.

Invest in Izmir


For more information regarding this area and all real estate related questions, do not hesitate to contact us directly:

David Melisse

Mobile: +90 553 686 1196

Address: Aegean Locations
MEGAPOL TOWER Adalet mah. Anadolu Cad.
No:41 Outer Door No:081. Bayraklı
35530 Izmir-Turkey

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