Bridge, Junction and Tube Passage to Relieve Novices Traffic Was Opened

Bridge Crossing and Tube Passage to Relieve Novices Traffic Has Been Opened
Bridge, Junction and Tube Passage to Relieve Novices Traffic Was Opened

📩 15/11/2022 13:34

Oulu Tube Passage, Acemler Transfer Center, Yeni Stadium, Sedat 3 Bridge and Mudanya Junction connection branches, which were built and implemented in stages by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality to reduce the traffic load at Acemler Junction, were put into service with a ceremony.

Aiming to eliminate the problem of transportation in Bursa with rail systems, new roads, bridge and intersection manufacturing, the Metropolitan Municipality has completed 5 different projects that will bring solutions to Acemler Junction, which is the nodal point of urban traffic, and made the region breathe. Within the scope of the works, firstly, Oulu Tube Passage and 'Fan Street and Oulu Street' were connected to each other in order to prevent the density created at the intersection by vehicles coming from Hayran Street. Thus, the density of vehicles coming from Dikkaldırım direction at Acemler Junction was eliminated. Again, a Transfer Center was established on an area of ​​approximately 25 thousand square meters opposite Ali Osman Sönmez Hospital. While the West Garage and the bus area next to Bursaray Acemler Station are being moved to the transfer center with a parking capacity of 15 vehicles with 1 buses and 272 taxi platform; both the traffic in the region was relieved and a car park that would serve the citizens coming to the hospital was added to the region.

The street became a divided road

Within the scope of the works carried out in the region, Yeni Stadium Street, known as Hayran Street, was also expanded as '2-lane round-trip divided road'. Extending from Acemler Junction to Dikkaldırım Street, Yeni Stadium Street has been drawn to the capacity to handle the density of vehicles in the region for many years. In order to shift a part of the traffic load in Acemler to Mudanya Junction, 1 bridge and 2 junction connecting branches were added to the region. The vehicles coming from the direction of İzmir and Mudanya were transferred to Istiklal Anthem Street, with the connection arm built next to the Stadium, without 'going to Acemler' with the junction connection branches. With the Sedat 3 Bridge, which connects the Istiklal Anthem Street and the New Stadium Street, the connection to Mudanya Junction was provided. Thus, vehicles coming from Izmir and Mudanya direction and going from Dikkaldırım to this direction have the opportunity to reach the direction they want directly over the Mudanya Junction without using the 'Novices Junction'. 5 different projects, which are almost a breath of fresh air for Acemler, were put into service with a collective ceremony. In addition to Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş, Deputy Mustafa Esgin, Bursaspor's legendary captain Sedat Özden, Osmangazi Mayor Mustafa Dündar, Yıldırım Mayor Oktay Yılmaz, Büyükorhan Mayor Ahmet Korkmaz, Bursaspor President Ömer Furkan Banaz, Bursaspor former mayor. Captain Adnan Örnek and many citizens attended.

Transportation is the problem of every city.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş strongly condemned the heinous attack in Istanbul at the beginning of his speech. President Alinur Aktaş, who said that no one can disturb Turkey's peace, wished mercy to our martyrs and a speedy recovery to the wounded. Reminding Confucius's words 'Either find a way, make a way, or get out of the way', President Alinur Aktaş stated that they untied Bursa's transportation knots one by one. Expressing that Bursa is growing day by day in terms of population, Mayor Aktaş emphasized that there are evaluations that the population of Bursa will exceed 13 million in 14-4 years. Underlining that one of the chronic problems of every growing city is transportation, Mayor Aktaş said, “Many issues such as pedestrian paths, bicycle paths, alternative roads, signaling systems, opening new roads, reinforcements to intersections, opening parking areas, developing public transportation, concentrating on smart traffic systems affect the city. It is at the top of the agenda of the managers. The Metropolitan Municipality is working on all of these titles. As of the second half of this year, we will have completed very important projects under this title. Many problems are viewed from the 'save the day' window. We certainly don't look at it that way. In the last 20 years, there are projects that have been implemented with a performance far above the ones in the history of the Republic. We are looking at this as well. Our President said 'Turkey's century'. As a Bursa citizen, I wholeheartedly believe that the next century will be the century of Turkey.”

The road is civilization

Saying that the Acemler Junction has been talked about in Bursa for years, President Alinur Aktaş reminded that the idea of ​​​​constructing a crossroad to solve the problem came to the fore during the Erdem Saker period, one of the former presidents, that the projects were prepared, but the investment stopped due to disagreements. President Alinur Aktaş stated that although the foundation was laid during the time of Erdoğan Bilenser, who took office after the 1999 elections, the construction was halted again, and that the problem was resolved during the late Hikmet Şahin, who took office in the 2004 elections, and that the construction of the Acemler Junction was opened by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the Prime Minister of the time. . He was the mayor of İnegöl Municipality at that time, and the late Hikmet Şahin, while giving information about the work done here, said, "Our country and cities have always lost and lagged behind because of those who stand as obstacles to development and civilization. Explaining that those who want to serve our country, unfortunately, have to struggle with the 'unwilling oppressors' who emerge with different identities in every period, President Aktaş said that the mentality has not changed and that it emerges before any work done for the good of the country. Stating that he took office in a time when transportation problems were experienced, just like all the mayors who took office in Bursa, Mayor Aktaş said, “While coming to office, we stated that transportation studies should be based on a scientific basis. We have put forward the 15 Traffic Master Plan, which will cover the next 2035 years. We are advancing our projects in line with this plan. We facilitated the transportation of Bursa by implementing projects such as smart touches at intersections, new road constructions, road expansions, asphalting works, bridge construction, and improvements in public transportation. By saying 'the road is civilization', we mobilize all our means for the comfortable transportation of Bursa. The T9 line, which was designed in line with the goal of knitting Bursa with iron nets, with a length of 445 thousand 11 meters and 2 stations, was opened for transportation. Bursaray Woodland Station, built between Acemler Bursaspor and Nilüfer stations, where the distance between the two stations is the longest at 2300 meters, is used extensively by the citizens in the region. It is the second most used station among our 30 stations. We reduced the waiting time in the current rail system to 2 minutes. Bursa residents can reach their jobs and families faster with the waiting time reduced to 2 minutes, especially with the additional flights we put on peak hours.”

Smart junction applications at 49 points

Reminding that the 4,5 kilometer section of Yunuseli Road 'between Dereçavuş-Çağlayan-Gündoğdu-Nilüferköy road junction' is an important alternative for residential areas located between Mudanya district and Bursa Intercity Bus Terminal, President Aktaş said that this is an important alternative between Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Boulevard and Fuat Kuşçuoğlu. He underlined that it is an important route that provides access to the 10th Avenue, Bursa Ring Road and Bursa Intercity Bus Terminal. Stating that an alternative road of 1000 meters width and XNUMX meters length was created in Geçit Mahallesi in order to prevent the traffic to Mudanya due to the construction of Bursaray Emek-Şehir Hospital, Mayor Aktaş said;

“With the relocation of the new courthouse, the increasing traffic load at the connection point of the Near East Ring Road to Istanbul Street will decrease with the construction of two bridges with a length of 3 meters with 117 spans and a length of 2 meters with 54 spans and a connection road of 3 thousand 500 meters. The works on the second stage of the 6,5 kilometer road related to transportation to the City Hospital have been completed. Hopefully, the people of Bursa will be able to reach the City Hospital by public transport, by using that road directly, without going to the Ring Road. Work continues on the 6.1-kilometer Emek-YHT-City Hospital Rail System Line with 4 stations, built by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. When the project is completed, it will be possible to reach both the hospital and the high-speed train line in an uninterrupted and comfortable way with the rail system from all over Bursa. There are ongoing works in Mustafakemalpaşa, Yenişehir, İnegöl, Osmangazi, Yıldırım, Gemlik and Nilüfer. We continue to work on accelerating traffic with smart junction applications at 49 points. In addition, work continues at 21 intersections within the scope of the application, which reduces the damage to the environment by 'reducing carbon dioxide emissions'.

“We will not give up on our work”

Stating that 773 vehicles in the public transport fleet in the city and in the districts have been renewed and the number of vehicles serving with new vehicles has reached 2363, President Aktaş said, "The Fuat Kuşçuoğlu Bridge, which was started to be built at the Acemler and Yunuseli junction of the Near East Ring Road, and the vehicles coming from the direction of the Near East". He explained that it will connect directly to Fuat Kuşçuoğlu Street without entering the Ring Road. Expressing that after the completion of the bridge construction at Beşyol Junction, the expropriation works of the buildings on the route "to bring the return roads to life" continue, Mayor Aktaş stated that the demolition of the buildings continues and they plan to complete the project as soon as possible. Expressing that the Değirmenönü-Karapınar and Siteler-Bağlaraltı bridges were built in the south of the Ankara-İzmir road in order to create an alternative route, and now the bridge to be built over Balıklıdere will connect the Otosansit and Değirmenönü neighborhoods, Mayor Aktaş said;
“Besides, we are relieving the transportation network of our city with works such as overpass activities, improving existing roads, new parking lots, bicycle paths. While we are carrying out these works in Balıklıdere, Değirmenönü and Karapınar, someone is visiting house to house. He takes his chiefs there. In order to sabotage the process, they make accusations that 'they are demolishing your buildings' and 'as if they are doing them an injustice' so that this does not happen. They know that if this is over, Bursa traffic will be seriously relieved. We will never ever give up on our work. We will complete them, I hope”

“We eased the traffic in the region”

Referring to the works carried out in and around the Acemler Junction in his speech, President Alinur Aktaş said that when the idea was put forward, the vehicle density was around 80-85 thousand per day, and today the figure is around 210 thousand. Underlining that Bursa's population was 2 million 353 thousand people at that time, it is 3 million 150 thousand today, Mayor Aktaş stated that the region started to breathe with 5 different projects they implemented. Providing information about the works, Mayor Aktaş said, “First of all, we opened the Oulu Tube Passage to traffic in order to prevent the congestion created by the vehicles coming from 'Hayran Street' at the intersection. With this passage connecting Hayran Street and Oulu Street, the density of vehicles coming from Dikkaldırım at Acemler Junction has disappeared. Another project that takes the burden of novices is the Transfer Center. Within the scope of the project, we established a Transfer Center on an area of ​​approximately 25 thousand square meters across from Ali Osman Sönmez Hospital. Our Acemler Transfer Center has a parking capacity of 15 vehicles, with 1 buses and 272 taxi platform. By transferring the West Garage and the bus area next to Acemler Station, we both relieved the traffic in the region and created a car park that will serve the citizens who come to the hospital. Another work that gives Acemler a breath of fresh air is the expansion of the 1500-meter-long Yeni Stadium Street, known as Hayran Street, as a 2-lane round-trip divided road. We expanded the New Stadium Street, which stretches from Acemler Junction to Dikkaldırım Street, to handle the density of vehicles in the region for many years. In order to shift a part of the traffic load in Acemler to Mudanya Junction, we added 1 bridge and 2 junction connecting branches to the region. We provided the connection of the vehicles coming from the direction of Izmir and Mudanya to the Istiklal Anthem Street, with the connection arm built next to the stadium, without 'going to Acemler' with the junction connecting branches.

“I am from Bursaspor”

Expressing that they provide connection to Mudanya Junction with Sedat 3 Bridge, which connects İstiklal Marşı Street and Yeni Stadium Street, Mayor Aktaş said that vehicles coming from both İzmir and Mudanya directions and going from Dikkaldırım to these directions 'without using the Acemler Junction' directly at the Mudanya junction. He stated that they have the opportunity to reach the direction they want through it. Explaining that the Sedat 3 Bridge is 65 meters long and 35 meters wide, Mayor Aktaş said, “Bursaspor is the value of this city, it is the symbol of the city. Many names came and passed from this caravan. Sedat 3 set an example with his achievements and what he brought to Bursa, both by being the captain of the national team and completing the process here without being transferred to any team. After the evaluation, we named the bridge as Sedat 3. I think it fits. The future will be much better for Bursaspor 'by Allah's leave'. The last win lit a torch for it. I wish success to Bursaspor wholeheartedly. I am from Bursaspor and we are ready to do whatever material and spiritual things can be done for the success of Bursaspor, even though some people question it.

“We still have work to do, ways to open”

Reminding that Mudanya Köprülü Junction is 60 meters long, Mayor Aktaş explained that this bridge also has the feature of being the longest span steel bridge in Bursa. Noting that the Mudanya connection arm is 180 meters long, and the descent branch from the stadium to the city center is 186 meters long, Mayor Aktaş said that the Oulu Tube Passage is also 250 meters long and has 50 lanes, 2 meters of which is a closed section. Explaining that with the works carried out in the region, approximately 3.000 meters of bicycle paths have been produced, Mayor Aktaş said, “At the same time, a 35 thousand square meter sidewalk was built in the region. All the works we carried out in this area cost 750 million TL in total. We are accepting. These investments disturb our citizens due to the mandatory restrictions during the construction phase. But the good thing is that those who are angry with us when our investments start, thank us when the investment is completed and pray for blessings. When it's all done, it will be seen how much beauty we have done to the future of the city. We are excited. Someone is trying to block it. But we have no excuses. We still have work to do and avenues to open. We have a lot of work, our way is long, our load is heavy. We are aware of this. With the strength we get from the people of Bursa, we are working shoulder to shoulder for a better Bursa, for a better future. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the realization of the process. Good luck with our new roads, intersections and bridges," he said.

Thanks to Mayor Aktaş

Bursa Deputy Mustafa Esgin expressed that he condemned the latest terrorist incident with hatred and violence. Esgin said that President Alinur Aktaş, who promised to 'untie the knot at the Novices Junction' at the time of the election, kept his word and said, “The knot has been untied with the work done today. I would like to thank Alinur Aktaş, Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, on behalf of the people of Bursa.”

“Bursaspor and Bursa have the signature of my achievements”

Sedat Özden, who is one of the legendary captains of Bursaspor and whose name was given to one of the bridges, said that being from Bursa and Bursaspor has always been a source of pride for him. Expressing that the greatest legacy he will leave to his family is the prestige and prestige he gained as Sedat 3, Özden said, “Bursaspor and the city of Bursa are the signatures of my successes. I would like to thank Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş and those who contributed to my children and grandchildren, who made me leave a beautiful memory. Thank you for making me feel the pride of being Sedat 3 from Bursaspor for once.”

Dikkaldırım Neighborhood Headman Mustafa Özderya thanked Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş for the investments made.

After the speeches, President Alinur Aktaş, Bursaspor President Ömer Furkan Banaz and Bursaspor former captain Adnan Örnek presented Sedat 3 with Bursaspor jersey in memory of the day. President Alinur Aktaş and her entourage cut the opening ribbon and put the investments into service.

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