What is QR Code Payment? What is the Advantage of Payment with QR Code? How to use?

What is Payment with QR Code What is the Advantage of Payment with QR Code How to Use
What is QR Code Payment What is the Advantage of QR Code Payment How to Use

QR code or QR code, which is Quick Response in English, is the name given to a matrix, that is, a two-dimensional barcode that machines can read. It was developed and patented by the Japanese company Denso in 1994. What is QR Code Payment? How to Pay with QR at ATM? How to Pay by Phone with QR Code?

Although the QR code, which is created from black motifs on a square and white background, was developed for use in the automotive industry, it is very common in daily life in Japan and South Korea. With the production of digital camera phones and the effect of the pandemic, the QR code has been used almost every day. With the QR code produced by analyzing the desired visual, we can access the menu when we go to a restaurant, access the website instantly to get information from a poster we see while walking, or find out which bus will arrive and for how long with the QR code found at the bus stops, and we can even pay.

What is QR Code Payment?

The method in which the payment is made by reading the two-dimensional encrypted codes with the help of the application or digital cameras on the smartphones is called payment by QR code.

 How to Pay by Phone with QR Code?

Today, we can do many banking jobs through mobile banking applications. The steps to be followed by those who prefer the QR code payment method, which can be applied with smartphones with both Android and IOS operating systems, are as follows; After “QR Transactions” under the “All Transactions” menu, “Payment by QR” is selected. The QR Code on the POS is read with the help of the phone camera. The confirmation button in the transaction information displayed on the screen is pressed.

What is the Advantage of Payment with QR Code?

You only need to have a smart phone to make your payment. You don't need to have cash with you. You can go to any store and get the product you want quickly with a QR code. Quick payment by scanning a QR code is both fast and simple. With the QR code method, you can easily track your expenses from your mobile banking application.

How to Pay with QR at ATM?

One of the transactions that you can easily do with a QR code is to pay via Bankamatik. Instead of wasting time going to the branch and queuing up, you can quickly complete your payment via the ATM with a QR code. By clicking on the QR transactions in the mobile banking application, you can make your money withdrawal, deposit and payment transactions without using a card, by scanning the QR code that appears on the ATM screen with your phone.

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