Fully Funded for New Section of Sofia Metro

Fully Funded for New Section of Sofia Metro
Photo: Adelina Angelova

“As part of the Recovery Plan, the new section of Sofia Metro has been fully financed,” said Sofia Metropolitan Mayor Yordanka Fandakova.

Sofia Mayor Yordanka Fandakova examined the construction of the extension of the 3rd Line of the “Georgi Asparuhov Stadium” metro station. Fandakova said, “The subway continues to be the most important strategic project for the city. It both changes the environment and provides the most ecological and comfortable transportation for citizens. With this new three-kilometer line, 40 thousand passengers will be transported per day. He said that with the completion of the 6-kilometer road over "Slatina", the share of the metro in the urban transportation system will reach 50 percent.

“The construction of the subway passing through the Poduyane district is going according to schedule. Construction of three new metro stations in recent months – Georgi Asparuhov Stadium, Trakia station located at the junctions “Vitinya” street and Blvd. Gene. Vladimir Vazov” and “St. At the intersection with the “Dospevski” street “Gen. Vladimir Vazov” station. “Siemens” will implement the management and operating systems of 9 metro trains in total. Their design has already begun.

We were able to secure funding for the metro extension and started construction on March 21, 2022, entirely with municipal funds. This is how we compensated for the delay in the National Recovery and Sustainability Plan during the previous government,” he said.

The investigation on the metro line, Deputy Metropolitan Director Prof. Eng. Stoyan Bratoev is the Eng of the mayors of Sofia in charge of construction and transport. Representatives of Siemens management attended as well as Angel Jorgov and Christian Krastev.


Günceleme: 30/11/2022 13:29

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