Will the Severe Pressure in the Burst Perforate the Eardrum?

Will the Severe Pressure in the Explosion Pierce the Eardrum?
Will the Severe Pressure in the Burst Pierce the Eardrum?

Üsküdar University NPİSTANBUL Hospital ENT Specialist Op. Dr. K. Ali Rahimi made evaluations and recommendations regarding hearing loss caused by excessive noise and pressure from explosions.

Stating that our face was exposed to a large air pressure when the explosion occurred, Op. Dr. K. Ali Rahimi said, “According to our distance and the angle of our head, this air pressure hits the eardrum violently. This impact causes a great movement in the membrane and moves the ossicles, exerting serious pressure on the inner ear. With the effect of pressure, the eardrum can be perforated. The ossicles can become dislodged and fall off, or can cause severe pressure on the fluid in the cochlea by impact on the inner ear. The cochlea is the auditory part of the inner ear. It can cause hearing loss in all three departments.

Expressing that a very serious ringing and hearing loss occurred temporarily at the time of the explosion, Op. Dr. K. Ali Rahimi said, “The effect goes away in 1-2 days, but if it causes a hole in the eardrum, if the ossicles are displaced or if it pressurizes the pupa fluid, it damages the hair cells. This leads to a permanent conductive hearing loss. This hearing loss can occur in various frequencies. For example, we can say that hearing loss at 4000Hz will be permanent. This can also cause a permanent long-term tinnitus. With a single frequency loss, there is no problem in hearing loss and speech loss, but there may be permanent tinnitus.

Suggesting to go to an otolaryngologist without wasting time in case of a problem in the ear after exposure to the explosion, Op. Dr. K. Ali Rahimi said, “Looking at the color of the middle ear will give information about the middle ear. Hearing loss in the inner ear can occur even days later. Performing a test for this will be useful in terms of seeing the results. Then, if the complaint continues, control may be required.

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