ANKARAY Fire and Passenger Rescue Exercise Breathtaking

ANKARAY Fire and Passenger Rescue Exercise Breathtaking
ANKARAY Fire and Passenger Rescue Exercise Breathtaking

A "fire and passenger rescue exercise on the train" was held at Maltepe Station on the ANKARAY line, which has an important place in public transportation in the capital.

ABB Health Affairs Department also supported the drill, which was organized jointly by EGO General Directorate ANKARAY Operations Branch Directorate and Ankara Fire Department, with a stretcher and ambulance. Within the scope of the exercise, the fire in the wagon was extinguished in a short time, and the evacuation of the injured was carried out successfully.

EGO General Directorate carries out works to increase comfort in public transportation vehicles, on the one hand, and on the other hand, it works to avoid possible accidents with the least damage in order to maximize passenger safety.

EGO General Directorate ANKARAY Enterprise and Ankara Fire Department; has signed a joint exercise at the Maltepe Station of the ANKARAY line, which has an important place in urban transportation. The “fire and passenger rescue exercise on the train”, supported by the ABB Health Affairs Department with stretchers and ambulances, was successfully completed.


The smoke inside the wagon was evacuated in a short time in the drill, where the Ankara Fire Brigade teams successfully removed the passengers, entering the smoke-filled wagon approaching Maltepe Station.

In the exercise, in which the emergency teams intervened, the injured were taken off the train and taken to the stretcher and taken to the waiting ambulances.


EGO General Directorate ANKARAY Operation Branch Manager Onur Özcan, who watched the successfully completed exercise on-site, said, “We carried out a fire and passenger rescue drill on the train at Maltepe Station in the joint work of the ANKARAY Plant Branch Directorate and the Ankara Fire Department. Thanks to this study, we aim for firefighters to intervene more quickly and safely in emergency situations at ANKARAY Stations. In addition, we have ensured that our ANKARAY personnel are always ready for such emergencies”, while Ankara Fire Department Search and Rescue and Training Branch Manager Musa Ödemiş said:

“As Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade Department, we intervene in all incidents in the city 7 hours a day, 24 days a week. In addition, we organize trainings and exercises in order to keep the knowledge, knowledge and experience of our personnel alive. Today, together with the EGO General Directorate, we organized the fire and rescue drill on the train.”

Günceleme: 28/11/2022 16:36

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