İZELMAN Kindergartens Make a Difference in Education

IZELMAN Kindergartens Make a Difference in Education
İZELMAN Kindergartens Make a Difference in Education

İZELMAN Kindergartens, affiliated to the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, were among the schools that stood out in the choice of parents in the 2022-2023 education period with its renewed face. Serving 12 students in 750 branches, İZELMAN is preparing to commission 2023 more branches in 8.

A total of 12 İZELMAN Kindergartens, serving in Dikili, Kemalpaşa, Beydağ and Aliağa outside the city center, were among the primary schools preferred by parents in the 2022-2023 academic year. İZELMAN Kindergartens, which provide accessible education services in early childhood, serve not only municipal personnel but also all Izmir residents.

İZELMAN Kindergartens, which set out with the goal of "correct education", support children between the ages of 2-6 with social activity programs as well as pre-school programs, leading them to grow up as self-confident and able to express themselves correctly.

We provide education to 750 children

Burak Alp Ersen, General Manager of İZELMAN A.Ş, who stated that they serve in kindergartens with approximately 110 personnel, said, “We provide education to 12 students in 750 different branches. We accept our children aged between 18 and 72 months into our schools. Our President Tunç SoyerWe expanded the İZELMAN Kindergartens, which serve together with 7 branches, to 12 branches in the first stage. Our goal is to reach a minimum of 100 numbers in the 20th Anniversary of our Republic. We want to provide opportunities for our fellow countrymen and staff to reach the school, especially in rural areas.”

Nature, agriculture, sustainability-based education guide

Stating that they take the 17 sustainable goals of the United Nations as their guide, Ersen said, “Our goal this year is to reach as many children as we can and to convey to them issues such as accessibility and clean energy. While doing all these, we also benefit from the resources of our municipality. For example, we started the Nature Literacy program with Izdoga. Here, we teach children to learn from nature and the rural-urban relationship. We are organizing a Healthy Food Workshop at the Can Yücel Seed Center. We organize hydroponic farming, vertical farming, sprinkling and composting workshops at the Sasalı Agricultural Development Center. We are raising students who control their movements not only because their parents want it, but because they know it is harmful to nature."

Families can entrust their children blindfolded

Sending her 4-year-old son to EVKA-2 İZELMAN Kindergartens, Pelin İleri said, “We are very happy here. Already, two older sisters graduated from here before him. We can't give children anything in terms of education at home. Here, their hand skills develop, they paint. Sleeping hours are regular and there are many pluses. We can already observe this on the child. Families can blindly trust and entrust their children.”

They are very compassionate, from their teachers to their administrators.

Stating that she raised her two children in İZELMAN schools, Merve Kurtuluş said, “They are very compassionate, from their teachers to their administrators. It makes me emotional to see people who take care of me like a mother after me. I am very comfortable with this. In the slightest problem, they do everything that can be done until I come. They are also ahead in education. My son is now mastering most subjects in first grade. Education starts with parents, but they get a lot from here. After going to İZELMAN Kindergarten, my children's awareness of nature increased. He even learned how to approach animals from school.”

2023 schools will be operational in 20

With its experienced education staff, schools serving in the regions of Balçova, Evka-2, Evka-4, Girne, Buca, Güzelyalı, Dikili, Beydağ, Aliağa, Bornova, Görece, Kemalpaşa will be established in Gaziemir, Tire, It will be opened in Torbalı, Kiraz, Bergama, Bayındır, Urla and Menemen.

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