Yeşilova Solaklar Bridge Junction Is Going To Tender

Yesilova Solaklar Koprulu Junction Goes To Tender
Yeşilova Solaklar Bridge Junction Is Going To Tender

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality announced the tender date for Yeşilova-Solaklar Köprülü Interchange Road Construction work. Within the scope of the tender, the creation of columns with a diameter of 80 cm on every ground, at every depth, at every angle, using the deep mixing (7905 meters) method (1969,6 meters), supply and workmanship of ribbed reinforcement steel (1525 Tons), making and replacing precast facade panels for earthen concrete ( The tender date for the 3 cubic meters) work was determined as November 2022, 11.00. The tender will be held at the Metropolitan Municipality Tender Meeting Hall at 450:XNUMX. The duration of the work is XNUMX calendar days.


The traffic density in the region will be eliminated with the Yeşilova Solaklar Bridge Junction Project, which will be built by the Department of Science Affairs, Road Engineering Structures Control Branch. The parking problem will be solved with the parking lot to be built. In project scope; Transit pass will be provided by removing the signalized intersection on the D-605 Izmit-Kandıra Highway.


The traffic flow on the Kandıra road will be made uninterrupted with the traffic arrangements to be made with two crossroads that will pass over the D-605 İzmit-Kandıra Highway. With the new regulation, which will provide transit passage by removing the signalized intersection, transit will be possible without waiting at the traffic lights.


Vehicles coming from Kandıra or Izmit direction will be able to pass easily and without waiting to Yeşilova and Solaklar Karadenizliler Neighborhoods by using the crossroads. Within the scope of the project, road widening and open parking area will also be built.


Two crossroads will be built on the D-605 İzmit-Kandıra Highway. Coming from the Kandıra direction and from Yeşilova District to Solaklar Karadenizliler Districts, the bridge crossing will be 40 meters long; The bridge crossing, which will provide the transition from the Izmit direction to the Yesilova District, will be built with a length of 55 meters.


Zübeyde Hanım Street is being extended and turned into an alternative road. With the new road to be built to the north of the highway, Zübeyde Hanım Street will be connected to Altıncıoğlu Street. Three bridges will be built on the new road to be built. The new road, which will be 3 lanes and 2 meters wide, will connect Yeşilova Mahallesi to Karadenizliler Mahallesi. With the roundabout to be built in Karadenizliler District, traffic will be regulated.

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