World Skateboard and Speed ​​Sledge Championship to be held on Hasan Mountain

World Skateboard and Speed ​​Luge Championship to be Held on Hasan Mountain
World Skateboard and Speed ​​Sledge Championship will be held in Hasan Mountain

Organized by the World Gravity and Skateboarding Federation (WGSF-World Gravity Sports Federation), the World Skateboarding and Speed ​​Sliding Championship will be held on Mount Hasan with the participation of 30 athletes from 130 countries.

Aksaray Governor Hamza Aydoğdu said at the press conference he held with the federation president Will Stephenson that all preparations were made for the competitions to be held on 7-9 October on Aksaray-Hasan Mountain.

Governor Aydogdu; “Our preparations are complete. As Aksaray, we will host it in the best way”

Governor Hamza Aydoğdu stated that Stephenson, who was looking for a place for the organization of the competition, took a test ride with his skateboard on Hasan Mountain, which is 3628 meters high, transportation facilities and hosts many extreme sports competitions;

“As a result of the measurements and track evaluations made by the President of the Federation Stephenson, it was stated that Aksaray Hasan Mountain is the longest track in the world and is suitable for riders of all levels. As Aksaray, we will host another exciting sports organization. As the governorship and municipality, we made our preparations with all other relevant units. Aksaray and Hasan Mountain will enter a very different dimension from now on. The President of the Federation stated that these competitions were met with great interest in the world and that the competitions in Aksaray could reach 1 billion people with live broadcasts. We want to host 30 athletes from 130 countries who will come to our city in the best way and send them from Aksaray to make them feel happy and valuable. Because the best part of this type of organization is the promotion of Aksaray in particular, but the promotion of Turkey in general. We have taken all our precautions. And we will host it in the best way possible," he said.

Federation President Stephenson: “Athletes from all over the world will compete in Aksaray”

World Gravity and Skateboarding Federation President Will Stephenson said in his statement that Hasan Mountain and the region have a very high potential due to its geographical structure.

Emphasizing that the track is long and has a fast and challenging structure, Stephenson said;

“After this championship we will hold, I do not believe that this interest will continue to increase in new championships here next year. Our athletes from Malaysia, America, Canada and all countries of the world will come and compete here. There is great interest in this sport. People will watch the competition to be held here with live broadcasts. This is very important in terms of tourism, it is very important in terms of introducing Aksaray and the region to the world. That's why all these people will come and introduce Aksaray to the world. We're not just here for a championship. Our plans are for a very long time, I believe we will definitely ensure the continuity of this here.”

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