Who is Stevie Ray Vaughan? How Stevie Ray Vaughan Died

Who Is Stevie Ray Vaughan How Did Stevie Ray Vaughan Become
Who Is Stevie Ray Vaughan How Did Stevie Ray Vaughan Die?

Stevie Ray Vaughan, (born October 3, 1954, Dallas, Texas - died August 27, 1990) is an American musician, vocalist, songwriter, and record producer. He is best known as the guitarist and vocalist of the blues rock band Double Trouble.

In the 1980s, he is one of the most important men in blues history. Ray is the brother of Jimmie Vaughan, the founder of Fabulous Thunderbirds. He started the guitar with a plastic toy that was given to him at the age of 9. He started playing in various clubs from the age of 12 and left school at 17 and settled in Austin. His difficult life came to an end when he and his band Double Trouble had the honor of being on stage with the Rolling Stones on a special night in New York on April 23, 1982. The luck that smiled at them was shaped like a ladder. Perhaps the first indication of this was that they were invited to the Montreaux Jazz Festival. Mick Jagger, who watched them during the festival, honored Ray with an offer to participate in the recording of «Let's Dance».

The 'Texas Flood' album was a terrific exploitation of this opportunity created by Jackson Browne. And it was Double Trouble's debut album with Stevie Ray Vaughan… The work, presented on June 13, 1983, was Grammy nominee for "Best Traditional Blues Recording" and "Best Instrumental Rock Performance". The ensemble, which also appeared on the television show "Austin City Limits", won the "Best New Talent", "Best Blues Album" and "Best Blues Electric Guitarist" categories in the reader poll published in Guitar Player magazine. Stevie Ray received the title of "Best Electric Guitarist" at the Guitar Player Awards every year, without exception, until 1991.

On May 15, 1984, the album «Couldn't Stand The Weather» was released. Stevie Ray with his previous album "Texas Flood" was at the top of the category of "Best Traditional Blues Recording" at the 84th Grammys for which "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)" in the album was nominated in the category of "Best Rock Instrumental Performance"! Afterwards, WC Handy received two awards at the National Blues Awards. Ray was the first white artist to receive this award!

With the participation of keyboardist Reese Wynans in Double Trouble, they recorded their third album "Soul To Soul". The work, presented on September 30, 1985, earned Stevie Ray his fifth Grammy nomination.

In 1986, Stevie's father, Jim Vaughan, died after contracting Parkinson's disease. Then came months in a row when drugs and alcohol took over his body. He mixed cocaine and whiskey, causing great damage to his stomach. A total of 21 concerts have been postponed and Ray is being treated at the London Drug Rehabilitation Centre. «Live Alive» went on sale on November 86 of 15…

One year after "Blues Session", in which he performed with names such as Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, BB King, he took part in MTV's special program.

In January 1989, they gave a performance in a small wedding hall in Washington. Then on June 6, the album «In Step» was released. This was Stevie's first recording after he went completely off drugs. After "Crossfire" topped the radio charts, the artist was awarded another Grammy for "Best Contemporary Blues Recording". After their North American tour with Jeff Beck, they made their second appearance in "Austin City Limits"...

On January 30, 1990, Stevie gave 3 performances for MTV Unplugged. Stevie and Jimmie went to Memphis in March and April to record "Family Style". A few months later, the album took its place on the shelves. After their tour with Joe Cocker, they gave another concert with Double Trouble in Alpine Valley. After the enthusiastic event attended by names such as Robert Cray, Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, Stevie Ray took the helicopter to go to Chicago with Eric Clapton's 3 tour assistants… At midnight on August 27, 1990, the helicopter crashed into a fog-covered hill…

Stevie Ray Vaughan, who devoted his 36-year life to music, in which he lived with great enthusiasm and indescribable pain, was cremated in a special ceremony in the Laurel Land cemetery.

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