What is TAI? What does TAI mean, what does it mean, what does it stand for?

What is TAI What Does TAI Mean What Does It Mean
What is TAI What does TAI mean, what does it mean, what does it stand for

In order to facilitate use in written language, we see some explanations, names of institutions or organizations in abbreviated form. TAI is the abbreviation name of an organization. What does TAI mean and what does it mean?

TAI continues to operate as one of the important institutions serving in the field of aviation. The definition of TAI abbreviation term is; It is in the form of Turkish Aircraft Industry Joint Stock Company. Also known as TAI. TUSAŞ abbreviation is the abbreviation of Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc.


Türk Aerospace Industries AŞ (TAI – Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc.) is the technology center for the design, development, production, completion, refurbishment and after-sales services of air platforms in Turkey. The company manufactures parts for the world's largest passenger aircraft Airbus A380 and military transport aircraft Airbus A400M. In addition, the company started to produce winglets for the Airbus A2013, which made its first flight in 350.

Its origin goes back to the establishment of Turkish Aircraft Industry Inc. (TUSAŞ) in 1973. Turkish Aircraft Industries Joint Stock Company (TUSAŞ) was established on 28 June 1973 under the Ministry of Industry and Technology in order to reduce Turkey's foreign dependency in the defense industry. Turkish Aircraft Industry Inc. (TUSAŞ) and TUSAŞ Aerospace Industries (TAI) companies were merged under the roof of TAI (Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc.) on April 28, 2005, and TUSAŞ (TAI) is highly developed in terms of design production infrastructure and human resources. will create an effective force and serve as an "Aviation Center". The shareholders of TAI are the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation (TSKGV) (54.49%), the Presidency of Defense Industries (SSM) (45.45%) and the Turkish Aeronautical Association (THK) (0.06%).

TAI Aerospace Industries (TAI) was established on May 15, 1984 in accordance with the Turkish Commercial Code and the Foreign Capital Incentive Law.

With the “Share Sale Agreement” signed at TAI facilities on January 12, 2005, the shares of Lockheed Martin of Turkey (42%) and General Electric International (7%) companies in TAI were purchased by Turkish Aircraft Industry AŞ (TUSAŞ).

TAI facilities were built on a total area of ​​186.000 square meters, of which 5.000.000 square meters is closed. The company's modern aircraft manufacturing facility, located at Akıncı Air Base, equipped with high-tech machinery and equipment, has extensive production capabilities from component manufacturing to aircraft assembly, flight tests and delivery. TAI quality system meets the world-recognized NATO AQAP-110, ISO-9001:2000, AS EN 9100 and AECMA-EASE standards.

TAI's current experience is the joint use of F-16 Fighting Falcons, CN-235 light transport/maritime patrol/surveillance aircraft, SF-260D trainer aircraft, Cougar AS-532 search and rescue (SAR), armed search and rescue (CSAR) and utility helicopters. In addition to its production, it includes product development programs such as unmanned aerial vehicles, target aircraft and agricultural spray aircraft of its own design.

TAI's main fields of activity include modernization, modification and system integration programs and after-sales services for fixed and rotary wing military and commercial air platforms in the inventory of Turkey and other countries in the region. Electronic warfare and structural modifications of Hv.KK F-16s, conversion of S-2 Tracker maritime patrol aircraft into firefighting aircraft, Special Forces modifications of CN-235 aircraft and Black Hawk Helicopter, modernization of Cougar AS-532 helicopter, S- System integration with the digital cockpit modification of the 70 helicopter, the structural and avionics modification of the CN-235 platforms for Naval Patrol/Surveillance missions of the Marine Corps and SGK, and all structural modifications of the B737-700 aircraft in its conversion to Airborne Early Warning and Control Aircraft (HIK) has activities.

TUSAŞ started its adventure in 1984 with very few people, transferring the experience gained from military projects to commercial projects, today it has become a company with over 3000 qualified employees and nearly 50 different projects. World Company achieved its goal.

TAI is also a partner of Airbus Military as a National Industrial Organization and participates in the design and development activities of the A400M aircraft together with the aviation companies of France, Germany, Italy, England, Spain, Belgium and South Africa.

TUSAŞ, which is determined to be among the leading companies in the field of aviation by closely following the latest technological developments in the world, aims to open new horizons in Turkey in the 21st century.

According to an agreement signed with RUAG Aerospace (RA) on November 3, 2005, Turkish Aerospace Industries AŞ (TAI) company will produce D-Nose Panel Stretch Shells at its own facilities in Turkey, up to the exact number of orders for Airbus A380 aircraft.

In recent years, TAI has started to produce uniquely designed aircraft for Turkey, independent of external sources. The first of these, the agricultural spraying aircraft named TUSAŞ ZİU, was designed and flown entirely by TAI. Following this, there are many original design projects underway. As of 2008, Gözcü (anti-terrorist unmanned observation aircraft), Keklik and Turna-g (both target aircraft for fighter pilots) unmanned aircraft are included in the inventory of the Turkish Air Force as aircraft designed and produced by TAI. A new model of the Watcher is currently being designed. Apart from unmanned aerial vehicles, a training aircraft named HÜRKUŞ (a training aircraft with the same controls as a jet aircraft but without a jet engine) has been designed and developed, and mass production has begun. The development of the tactical unmanned aerial vehicle ANKA continues. T-38 and C-130 Hercules aircraft are being renewed. The Space Systems Integration and Test Center (USET), where the Göktürk-1 reconnaissance and observation satellite is integrated with TÜBİTAK UZAY, is operated under TAI.

TUSAŞ, one of the most advanced parts of Turkish Aviation, is also the locomotive of the sector. TAI, the avionics integration center of Turkey, is increasing its competitive power in this field day by day. The institution is also one of the stakeholders of Teknofest Istanbul.

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