What is a Digital Footprint? Is Digital Footprint Harmful? How to Delete a Digital Footprint?

What is a Digital Footprint Is Digital Footprint Harmful How to Delete a Digital Footprint
What is a Digital Footprint Is Digital Footprint Harmful How to Delete a Digital Footprint

With the advancement of technology, many transactions have been moved to the digital environment, which has made it possible for individuals to easily access many things from all places. The convenience offered by the developing and renewed world with technology to individuals is increasing day by day. The Internet has succeeded in becoming one of the indispensables of the current century. Many activities such as trainings, shopping, arts and cultural activities, bank transactions in the virtual world cause you to leave digital traces behind you.

The digital footprint can occur as a result of many actions you take in your daily life. In the simplest way, the permissions you give when downloading an application to your smart device, the browsing you make in social media applications, the data shared with e-commerce sites in shopping, interactions such as Google searches and mail traffic create a digital footprint. A digital footprint also has a trace. This is called a carbon footprint. It is known that your browsing and transactions on the web contribute to carbon emissions. Around 24 billion searches performed within 3 hours on the Google search engine alone account for 40% of all carbon footprints found on the internet. It helps to reduce your carbon footprint by constantly cleaning your e-mail box, stopping using BCC and CC, logging out of applications you do not use, turning off your computer completely when you are not using it, preferring the videos you watch in low resolution, turning off the auto-play feature of the videos on the sites.

How to Use a Digital Footprint?

Digital footprints can be caused by the data being recorded while surfing the internet, causing various formations through digital platforms. Identity information on platforms that require data approval, such as memberships to various sites, e-commerce, are recorded under the name of active digital footprint. The videos and photos you share in social media applications are stored in data archives. Third party access to this data may lead to unpleasant situations such as creating a fake account on your behalf. Your digital footprint is what you do in virtual environments. sohbetmay appear as . It is possible to create a digital footprint through many different sources. For this reason, the negative situation that occurs in general can cause undesirable results. It greatly reduces the possibility of encountering any negative situation if weight is given to the tricks that need to be considered in the use of digital footprints.

Is Digital Footprint Harmful?

Facing identity breaches and attacks on personal space can turn into a nightmare for many of you. These traces that can be used against you can damage your reputation. Taking precautions against this unpleasant situation is one of the first steps to be taken. It is very important to pay attention to the digital footprint detail, especially in order not to create individual security weaknesses. The damage to the identity information of leaving a passive footprint should be considered. Therefore, you can redirect or completely remove digital footprints to avoid the potential negative consequences of passive digital footprinting. Although your digital footprints will not harm you in general, they are dangerous because they have the potential to harm you at any time. If you clean your digital footprint periodically, you will not encounter bad results.

How to Delete a Digital Footprint?

You may not be able to completely delete the digital footprint. Because it is possible to recreate the digital footprint by constantly circulating the accounts you have opened or by performing various transactions in your accounts. In this regard, it may not be possible to completely delete the digital footprint, but it is still possible to destroy some of it. Thus, the traces you create in the digital environment become smaller and smaller and do not put you in any danger.

What should we do to avoid leaving a digital footprint?

The use of social media is an action performed by everyone today. Many of you have multiple social media accounts. What is safe internet use? When asked, the answer can be to not leave a digital footprint or to reduce it as much as possible. Security audits on your social media accounts can prevent you from leaving a digital footprint. Not downloading applications from unknown sources and not granting access also plays an important role in preventing this permission.

How to Reduce Digital Footprint?

There are some methods to reduce the digital footprint as much as possible. In its simplest form, you can reduce your footprint by controlling your privacy settings on social media accounts. The friend arrangement also helps you with this. You can delete your unused accounts by reviewing other applications and sites that you are a member of. Especially removing unused accounts can relieve you of the harms of digital footprint.

What is the Best Practice for Reducing the Digital Footprint?

It is important that there is an option to reduce the digital footprint among the methods of safe surfing on the Internet. This option ensures the protection of your personal information and prevents it from falling into the hands of third parties. One of the methods that reduces the digital footprint is to completely delete the applications that you have stopped using on your phones and the accounts in these applications. The complete deletion of unused accounts positively affects the digital footprint. Minimizing the number of subscribed sites helps to reduce the formation of digital footprints. It is important for your security to reduce the digital footprints you leave as much as possible. For this reason, it is possible to take a look at what needs to be done in this area by examining our article on safe surfing on the internet and accessing the details in detail, in which the question of what is a safe internet and many other question marks are answered.

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