What is a Battery? What Does It Do? What are the prices?

What is the Battery What is the Use What are the Prices
What is a battery, what is its use, what are its prices

The battery is the name given to the device that allows the electrical energy to be stored in the form of chemical energy and converts the stored energy back into electrical energy when needed. There are different metal sheets waiting in acidic water in the mechanism of vehicle batteries. In this way, the electric current transmitted by the charger is stored and stored in this acidic water. The process of adding water to battery models is valid for old model car batteries. However, it is not possible to add water from outside for new technology battery models. In conditions where the battery cannot perform its function, a complete replacement is required. This development is also effective on battery prices. However, since the new models are not repairable because they are more durable, it is possible to say that you are profitable in the long run. Because advanced technology products do not cause you to experience fluid loss easily.

When should the battery be changed?

It is not possible to talk about a clearly determined time interval for the replacement of vehicle batteries. However;

  • You can check your vehicle's battery frequently through the ammeter,
  • You can evaluate the results you have tested,
  • You can decide whether it is time for a change by paying attention to whether your vehicle is having difficulty while working.

An old battery that can no longer function will reveal itself. Especially if you often feel strain in your vehicle, it means that the life of the product you are using has expired.

What Does a Battery Do?

We can say that the main function of the batteries, in addition to their functions such as starting, lighting and ignition, is to start the vehicle engine. However, with battery models produced with advanced technology, deformations that require traditional maintenance and that occur during charge-discharge changes are prevented.

To summarize briefly, we can say that batteries have two basic and important functions;

  • To transmit electric current to the starter motor so that your vehicle can move,
  • In cases where your vehicle does not work, it is to give electric current thanks to the receivers used. For such cases, we can give examples such as keeping the best tape and headlights on. For example, you can continue to use the stereo even if your car does not start.

What are the Battery Models?

We can say that almost all motor vehicles use batteries. Since the main materials used during production are lead and sulfuric acid, they can also be defined as lead-acid batteries.

According to the usage areas, the battery models are;

  • Automotive,
  • Stationary,
  • Traction battery models can be divided into groups.

Battery models according to metal type are;

  • lead-acid,
  • iron-nickel,
  • nickel-cadmium,
  • They can be listed as silver-zinc battery models.

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