Beware of These 7 Belistes of Cancer!

Beware of This Belist of Cancer
Beware of These 7 Belistes of Cancer!

Medical Oncologist Associate Professor Nilay Şengül Samancı gave important information on the subject. Cancer causes different symptoms in each body. It is important to be aware of any new or worrying symptoms in our bodies. Because early diagnosis of cancer also means increasing the chance of cure.

1. Cough, chest pain and shortness of breath: If you have a cough for 3 weeks or more, consult your doctor if blood comes from sputum.

2. Changes in bowel habits: If complaints such as abdominal pain, blood in stool, diarrhea of ​​unknown origin, or constipation, stomach pain, bloating persist for 3 weeks or longer, and if iron deficiency anemia is detected over the age of 65, you should definitely consult your doctor.

3. Bleeding: If you notice blood in the urine, vaginal bleeding outside of menstrual periods, bleeding after menopause, rectal bleeding, blood in sputum, consult your doctor.

4. Audiences: It is important to regularly check the breasts, armpits, groin and testicles. When you notice a mass or change in your hand, consult your doctor.

5. Moles: If you notice shape change, growth, irregularity, color change, darkening, itching, crusting, bleeding in moles on your body, a dermatologist examination is required.

6. Unexplained Weight Loss: If you have lost more than 6% of your weight unintentionally in the last 10 months, you should definitely consult your doctor.

7. Family History: If 2 or more of your relatives (parents, siblings) have a history of cancer, you may also be at higher risk of developing cancer.

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