TÜRSAB Gastronomy Train Takes its First Time

TURSAB Gastronomy Train Takes Its First Time
TÜRSAB Gastronomy Train Takes its First Time

The Gastronomy Train, implemented by TÜRSAB to give a new impetus to tourism, started its first voyage from Afyonkarahisar as part of the 4th International GastroAfyon Tourism and Taste Festival.

The 7th International GastroAfyon Tourism and Taste Festival, to be held at Afyonkarahisar Motor Sports Center between 9-4 October, broke new ground in cooperation with Afyonkarahisar Municipality and TÜRKSAB.

The TÜRSAB Gastronomy Train, which is aimed to give a new impetus to tourism, offered its passengers the opportunity to travel to local flavors on the go for the first time in Turkey with the first flight starting from Afyonkarahisar.


The Gastronomy Train, which departed from Ali Çetinkaya Train Station with the participation of the protocol members and guests, completed its journey on the Tınaztepe-Sandıklı route at Dinar Station. On the train, local flavor presentations and product presentations in the local language were made to the guests throughout the journey. Again, the guide on the train gave information about the important historical and cultural points of the city, especially Tınaztepe and Kocatepe.

All the guests will first visit the Dinar Suçikan Cave and then move to Sandıklı, where harvesting will be carried out in the greenhouse. The program will end with Sandıklı's local Hair Meat treat and then return to Afyonkarahisar. Having completed the Afyonkarahisar program, the TÜRSAB Gastronomy Train will depart for Denizli for the next taste journey. Our Mayor Mehmet Zeybek, who made a speech at the ceremony, drew attention to the fact that the Gastronomy Train is a first in Turkey.


Saying that Afyonkarahisar is the city that achieves firsts in every field, our Mayor Mehmet Zeybek said, “After Gaziantep and Hatay, Afyonkarahisar became the 2019rd gastronomy city in Turkey in 3. Currently, we are 49th out of 36 Gastronomy Cities in the world.

Our Afyonkarahisar has been included in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. In addition to our managerial success, we have earned this title with the goals we have set in terms of sustainability and social development. So far, 32 local flavors have been registered. We applied to the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office for the registration of 31 of our flavors. We are proud and happy.


We aim to obtain patents and registrations for 99 local flavors with the new applications we plan. In order to raise awareness and publicity, we offered flavor packages to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, ambassadors, 81 provincial governors, 81 provincial mayors and our 81 provincial chambers of commerce and industry. We have completed the construction of our center named “Accessible Gastronomy Cuisine and Therapy Center”, which is our project for the first time in this field in Turkey. With this center, which was held in Afyon for the first time in the field of social gastronomy, we offer both education and employment opportunities to disadvantaged groups such as those with autism, orthopedic disabilities, and those with Down syndrome.” said.


Noting that Afyonkarahisar is a city where roads intersect, our Mayor Mehmet Zeybek concluded his speech as follows; “We are the city that determines the Turkish stock market in egg production. We are the capital of foundation and liberation. We are a historical city where the Great Offensive began. We are the capital of sports. We host the World Motocross Championship. We are the capital of thermal. We are the only province with a bed capacity of 27 thousand. Again, we are one of the first to have a caravan area with thermal infrastructure. The intersection of highways and railways with many features. It is a self-sufficient province with extremely easy transportation. We are very pleased to welcome you here.” he said.

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