Technology and Entrepreneurship Center Opened in Keçiören

Kecioren Technology and Entrepreneurship Center Opened
Technology and Entrepreneurship Center Opened in Keçiören

Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank stated that he will work for the initiatives where young people will develop innovative technologies at the Professor Doctor Tunçalp Özgen Technology Center, which was opened, and said, “In this center, which will work with the slogan of have fun, learn and produce, our children will benefit from very important opportunities for the digital technologies of the modern world.” said.

Minister Varank inaugurated Professor Doctor Tunçalp Özgen Technology Center in Keçiören. Noting that the technology center, which was put into service by Keçiören Municipality, was implemented with an investment of nearly 4 million liras, Varank said:

In this center, which will work with the slogan of have fun, learn and produce, our children will benefit from very important opportunities for the digital technologies of the modern world. At the beginning of these are experience studios. There are sound and visual studios equipped with the latest technology devices in our center. This will be one of the areas that young people can use to produce content.

Not only that, but another opportunity that I think will be of great interest to you here is electronic sports. I'm sure many of you love digital games. These games have now become such a big industry that a stadium full of people follow e-sports like watching a football match. Hundreds of thousands of online viewers follow these competitions.

Thanks to our center, young people from Keçiören will also be able to benefit from these opportunities to the fullest. They will be able to set up e-sports teams and organize tournaments there, or they will be able to improve and train themselves. Today, an electronic sports competition will be held for the opening.

Turkey has been writing a history in digital game entrepreneurship lately. Istanbul was the city that received the most investment in the digital game sector in Europe this year. Our young people continue to attract the attention of investors from all over the world with the game technologies they have developed through the start-ups they have established. This place was also designed as an incubation center in accordance with this vision.

Young people will learn while having fun, but they will also establish their own initiatives and do their own work here. They will benefit from technology and entrepreneurship trainings, mentoring services and office opportunities in cooperation with universities. We are talking about a facility where all needs are considered from every aspect and the most qualified infrastructures are built.

With the vision of the National Technology Move, we want to build a Turkey that is not only a market but also a producer of critical technologies. We put our youth at the center of all the work we carry out for this purpose. We want to walk together with our youth in our breakthroughs in many fields from aviation to space, from the defense industry to electric vehicles, from software to artificial intelligence.

We have witnessed many times that there is no limit to what Turkish youth can do when given the opportunity. Our main concern is to expand this success in every field and to consolidate the technological independence of our country under the leadership of our youth.

For this, we try to offer our young people the most modern opportunities at every stage of their lives, from childhood to university and beyond. DENEYAP technology workshops were established for this reason. We provide different trainings to our middle school and high school students, such as artificial intelligence, robotics, coding, and the internet of things.

Similarly, TEKNOFEST, which grows by breaking records every year, is one of our other important projects that we have built for this purpose. High school and university age youth participate in competitions in the world's newest technology fields with their own teams at TEKNOFEST. They race rockets, electric cars, unmanned aerial vehicles and submarines they developed.

We are establishing new generation software schools to develop human resources in software, which is the soul of technology. We brought 42 schools, one of the world's favorite software schools, working with the self-learning method, to Turkey. Our young people who have graduated from these schools, where nearly a thousand of our students have started their education, can be put on the market as the world's most successful software developers.

Again, we are trying to introduce our young people to the sky with the love of science and technology. We expanded the Sky Observation activities, which were previously held only in Antalya, to other provinces of Anatolia. We introduce space and space technologies to our youth by organizing events with wide participation in Antalya, Diyarbakir, Van and Erzurum.

We contribute to the scientific studies of our young people and researchers with TÜBİTAK scholarships. In short, we have stood by our youth in every field, and we will continue to do so in the future. I wish the Tunçalp Özgen Technology Center, which we have opened once again, to be beneficial for everyone, especially our young people.

At the ceremony, Keçiören Mayor Turgut Altınok and Hacettepe University Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Cahit Güran made a speech.


In TEKNOMER courses; In addition to 3D Modeling and Design, Android Mobile Software Development, Digital Game Design, Robotic Coding, Web Design, Digital Marketing courses, e-sports, project ideas, trainings, conferences and experience activities will be held.

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