Seminars at Logistech Shed Light on the Future of the Industry

Seminars at Logistech Shed Light on the Future of the Industry
Seminars at Logistech Shed Light on the Future of the Industry

Logistech–Logistics, Storage and Technologies Fair; While bringing together all the stakeholders in the sector at Fuarizmir, the situation and future of the sector were discussed with panels and seminars.

The situation of the sector and what can be done were discussed in the seminars held within the scope of Logistech-Logistics, Storage and Technologies Fair, which was held in Fuarizmir for the first time this year. In this context, the Ministry of Commerce Supports Information Seminar was also held. At the seminar, Deputy Director General of International Services Trade, Ministry of Commerce Dr. Yusuf Karakaş and Deputy Secretary General of the Service Exporters Union Abdullah Keskin took place as speakers.

Dr. Karakaş made a statement about the support provided to the logistics and transportation services sector.

Karakaş stated that although there are support mechanisms, there is not enough number of applications, “It is not enough to produce good goods after we cannot transport the goods. With our 'Foreign Logistics Distribution Networks' programs, we provide investment support up to 70% to our companies in many areas, including warehouse rental service. With the 'Decision on Defining, Classifying and Supporting Service Exports', rent, employment, advertising and promotion etc. support is also given. Within the scope of logistics supports, companies; It can benefit from 11 different supports such as market entry, unit support, registration and protection support, advertising, promotion and marketing support, virtual fair organization support. However, the number of applications is still very low despite the passage of time, saying that they have established support mechanisms for every part of the sector, including employment, in order to increase exports and said, "The industry should benefit from this, you stand by your job and apply for support."

Abdullah Keskin, Deputy Secretary General of the Service Exporters' Association, gave information about Turkey's service exports, membership processes, membership advantages, available supports, support applicant process and what needs to be considered in these processes.

We work for new markets

Yaşar University Head of Logistics Department Prof. Dr. In the "Logistics Through the Eyes of Exporters" session moderated by Yiğit Kazançoğlu, Aegean Exporters' Associations General Secretary Cumhur İşbırakmaz took part as a speaker. prof. Dr. Kazançoğlu and İşbırakmaz talked about the effects of the pandemic affecting the world, regional wars, natural disasters on the logistics sector and foreign trade. Secretary General Cumhur İşbırakmaz reminded that world trade declined by almost 2020 to 2021 percent in 10 and 15, and that there were many problems in supply and logistics, and said, “When we consider that world trade is expressed in trillions of dollars, we better understand how important the economic equivalent of this decline is. Compared to other countries, there has not been a big drop in exports in Turkey. When we look at this year, there is an average increase of around 20 percent in our exports. However, we must take into account the energy crisis that started around the world, especially in Europe, and the slowdown in national incomes of countries. said.

Trainings for sustainability

On the other hand, İşbırakmaz stated that the introduction of technological developments in the logistics sector and trade, together with the pandemic, facilitated their work by enabling many documents used in trade to be edited in electronic environment, and stated that they worked on the green agreement and organized trainings. İşbırakmaz said, “We are conducting trainings to raise awareness and consciousness in our exporter members. We have support mechanisms that we call international competition development projects. All of these are to increase the awareness of our exporting members about sustainability and to ensure that they make the necessary investments”.

Logistics and digitalization

On the last day of the fair, Dokuz Eylul University Maritime Faculty Logistics Management Department Head of Supply Chain Management Prof. Dr. The “Digitalization in Logistics” panel was held with Okan Tuna as a speaker.

prof. Dr. Drawing attention to the importance of digitalization in logistics, Tuna stated that the industry provides convenience in many areas, from the density of which port to the performance forecasts, from customer behavior patterns to forecasting by using big data and taking advantage of technological developments. “We have come to a point that we could not have imagined 20 years ago,” Tuna said. said.

35% of trade in terms of value is transported by air cargo

Turkish Cargo Turkey Cargo Sales Vice President Ahmet Kaya also talked about Air Cargo as a Mode of Transport in Turkey's Exports. Stating that the total world trade volume in 2021 is 28,5 trillion dollars, Kaya said that 35% of the trade in terms of value is carried by air cargo, and this rate is 1 percent in terms of volume. Ahmet Kaya stated that in 2021, Turkey realized an export of 18,5 billion dollars by air, 68 percent of which was made with Turkish Cargo. Kaya stated that they are one of the few air cargo carriers in the world and that their 2025 goal is to be in the top three.

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