Nilay Kökkılınç, New President of İzmir City Council

Nilay Kokkilinc, New President of Izmir City Council
Nilay Kökkılınç, New President of İzmir City Council

Izmir City Council President Prof. Dr. An extraordinary general assembly was held for the Presidency of the City Council, which was vacated after Adnan Akyarlı's death. Nilay Kökkılınç, Member of the Assembly of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and Chairman of the Gender Equality Commission, who entered the election as the only candidate, was elected the new president by receiving the votes of 191 of the 174 delegates who voted.

Izmir City Council President, who has important services to the world of science and politics, Prof. Dr. Following the death of Adnan Oğuz Akyarlı on August 26, an election was held for the Presidency of the City Council. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council Member and Gender Equality Commission President Nilay Kökkılınç was elected as the new president by receiving the votes of 191 of the 174 delegates who voted in the election she entered as the only candidate.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Mustafa Özuslu, representatives of non-governmental organizations and political parties, heads of chamber unions and cooperatives, city council presidents, general secretaries and members attended the İzmir City Council Extraordinary General Assembly held at Kültürpark İsmet İnönü Art Center.

Özuslu: “We must encourage production”

Speaking at the opening of the General Assembly, Mustafa Özuslu said that the City Council is an organization where the idea of ​​managing İzmir together is best demonstrated. Underlining the importance of city councils in this respect, Özuslu said, “We need to protect city councils like the apple of our eye. We should encourage them to produce by supporting them in daily life. Thus, as components of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and the City Council, we will contribute to the problems of the city. It is valuable to enlarge ideas without narrowing them down. Mr. President Tunç SoyerThis belief lies in the motto of 'Join and manage together'.

Kökkılınç: “I want to serve by sharing love and troubles”

Nilay Kökkılınç, who said that the unification of non-governmental organizations and all administrative and civil components of the city contributed significantly to the solution of urban problems, said, “Sharing is one of the values ​​I have believed in throughout my life. I believe that when people share not only good days and good times, but also bad days and pains with the same intensity, social consciousness will develop. The point is to reach solutions, not solutions. Acting with the spirit of mutual understanding, unity and solidarity is the only key on this path. Kökkılınç expressed that he felt İzmir's pioneering, intellectual and democrat identity in his heart and said: “I want to serve this city with you, who believe in participatory democracy, by 'sharing love and troubles'. In this direction; I will carry all the efforts of you, whom I see as the strong dynamics of the Izmir City Council. I will support you in every project you will produce for the city and its citizens. I will do my best to reflect the beauty of İzmir's soul to the whole world. I will protect every value that constitutes the honorable identity of İzmir with the awareness of urbanity. I will act as a bridge between all components and stakeholders of the city. And of course, I will defend the rights of the citizens to the end on every platform.”

Kökkılınç, Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerHe thanked for the support he gave to the work of the Izmir City Council.

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