National Defense Strengthens with ASPİLSAN Energy's Batteries and Batteries

National Defense is Strengthened by ASPILSAN Energy's Batteries and Batteries
National Defense Strengthens with ASPİLSAN Energy's Batteries and Batteries

ASPİLSAN Energy, one of the most important actors of the Turkish defense industry, meets the energy needs of the Turkish Armed Forces with the lithium-ion battery production facility it has established with an investment of approximately 1,5 billion liras.

ASPİLSAN, in which the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation has a 98 percent stake, adds power to the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) by producing batteries and batteries specific to the devices used in military units.

Nearly 400 types of batteries and batteries are produced

The factory produces nearly 400 types of batteries and batteries in areas such as the Turkish Armed Forces' radio, night vision system, mixer system, anti-tank system and robotic system batteries used in mine sweeping-bomb destruction, missile and guidance kits, and anti-torpedo.

Ferhat Özsoy, General Manager of ASPİLSAN Energy, said that the lithium-ion battery production facility, the foundation of which was laid in October 2020 in Mimarsinan Organized Industrial Zone, was completed and mass production started.

Expressing that the facility was completed for approximately 1,5 billion liras, Özsoy stated that the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and philanthropists contributed greatly to the establishment of the factory.

Özsoy stated that the factory is a strategic facility and that a very important stage has been left behind regarding the domestic production of batteries and batteries, which is an important need of the TAF.

“We will increase this capacity with our investments in the near future”

Talking about the features of the facility, Özsoy said: “The factory was established to produce 21 million batteries per year. We will increase this capacity with our investments in the near future. Again, in the coming period, we will be meeting the defense needs of our country by producing batteries of different structures with investments. We will minimize our dependence on abroad in terms of batteries and batteries. This is our main purpose and concept here. Our production capacity is also increasing day by day.”

Özsoy pointed out that the cylindrical batteries produced in the factory are used especially in the defense industry, in radios, in all kinds of portable systems, in civilian areas, from vacuum cleaners to electric bicycles, from telecommunications to energy storage systems and electric vehicles.

Emphasizing that they aim to contribute to the domestic automobile TOGG in the future, Özsoy said, "It is our biggest dream to see this technology in the domestic and national TOGG." said.

Özsoy explained that Turkey is currently taking rapid steps towards becoming a battery country, and that they are carrying out serious efforts to produce the raw materials of the battery in Turkey.

Stating that important studies have been carried out on batteries and batteries, Özsoy noted that Turkey will become an important battery supplier to Europe with both its raw material opportunities and its production capacity.

Özsoy explained that the production of the rechargeable battery in Turkey will contribute to the rapid development of other technologies, and that this will also seriously support the independence of the country.

Noting that R&D studies continue, Özsoy added that they are trying to make ASPİLSAN Energy one of the world's leading battery manufacturers with the support of the state.

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