Mobile Renewable Energy Systems by EcoFlow

Mobile Renewable Energy Systems from EcoFlow
Mobile Renewable Energy Systems by EcoFlow

While the demands for self-sufficient solar panels and independent power sources in renewable energy are increasing day by day, EcoFlow, which offers a remotely optimized energy system, started a mobilization period in renewable energy. The global company, which also puts its new system on sale in Turkey, aims to meet all the electricity needs of consumers under all conditions and without interruption.

With the global climate and energy crisis, the interest in renewable energy is increasing day by day. While self-sufficient solar energy panels and independent power sources are the most preferred alternative solutions, EcoFlow, which produces renewable energy systems with a focus on sustainability, introduced its new system in the Turkish market. Aiming to meet all the electricity needs of consumers uninterruptedly, the company provides a power source for charging electronic devices from a single place at the same time with DELTA Max, while offering a mobile renewable energy system that can be remotely optimized with a 400 W Solar Panel power supply.

In the statement made by EcoFlow, the following statements were included: “In addition to the climate crisis that emerged with global warming, the energy crisis caused by global developments increases people's anxiety about electricity. People now want to be independent in electricity generation. While the first material required for this is a large-capacity system with sufficient power output, it is very difficult to find state-of-the-art, environmentally and consumer-friendly solutions. With the DELTA Max power supply and 400 W Solar Panel we have developed, we enable users to generate their own electricity, as well as to integrate and manage these systems with our mobile application.”

All electrical devices can be charged simultaneously from a single source.

Stating that they produce their power supplies with X-boost technology, the statement said, “With the DELTA Max in the DELTA series, we offer consumers a source with a capacity of 2 kilowatts. All electrical devices can be charged at the same time with our product, which reaches 4 watts with 2 AC, 3400 USB-A and USB-C power outputs. With its weight of less than 30 kilos and its mobile design, our product can be easily carried anywhere, and thanks to its modular design, it can be developed according to needs and its capacity can be increased up to 6 kilowatts. Users can also monitor their data remotely, even when they are not near the power station, via the mobile application. It can actively monitor voltage, current, short circuit and temperature by optimizing its data with the battery management system.

Portable solar panel with 22,4% conversion efficiency

While it was pointed out that solar energy is one of the most environmentally friendly and flexible electricity generation methods that can be used independently of the main grid today, the following information was shared about the panels: “With the 400W Solar Panel, we make it possible to manage electricity generation via solar energy from mobile devices. We turn the power station into an independent electrical system with our 12,5 kilogram panel with built-in shoulder strap features. Thanks to the 22,4% conversion efficiency of the panel and its protective cover, which can be used as a stand to maximize the sun's rays, we ensure that the power needed for charging the power supply is collected. Users can benefit from solar energy in all conditions with the durable structure of ETFE film and IP4 waterproof surface of our systems, which are also compatible with MC67 connectors.”

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