Mechanized TV Chair and Sofa Set

Mechanized TV Chair and Sofa Set
Mechanized TV Chair and Sofa Set

Although comfort, convenience and ergonomics are seen as very simple words, they are elements that affect our entire lives and even shape our bodies. Although ergonomics is not a simple term, it is a phenomenon that has been studied for a long time.

Baressi Furnitureis a furniture company that produces smart furniture models in Masko and also designs and manufactures them individually. Baressi Furniture, which carries out works by putting comfort and ergonomics in its products; It has succeeded in being the leading company that brought smart furniture models to Turkey and made progress in this field in our country.

sofa set with mechanism

Baressi Furniture, integrating technological features and latest trends into furniture, mechanical sofa set and TV chair products.

What is Mechanized Furniture?

Baressi Furniture, which combines the most used furniture models in homes such as sofa sets and TV chairs with technological innovations, has produced furniture models with mechanisms. Sofa set models with mechanism in which parts such as arms, head and feet move, charging kits are found in seat models and can be used easily in a medical sense, and tv chair models are produced individually in accordance with your ergonomic structure.

father chair

Masko Smart Furniture Models

Baressi Furniture; smart furniture models and mechanism seat models Masko It exhibits exclusively for you in its store. You can visit the Masko store to see the Baressi Furniture Models, which are dominated by comfort and ergonomics.

smart furniture

With the personalized production option, you can make the changes you want, and you can make special production only for you, and at the same time, you can easily get the furniture models you dream of with the option of sending furniture both domestically and abroad.

tv chair

If you do not have any access to the Masko Baressi store, you can contact Baressi via their social media accounts.

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