Logistech Brings All Components of the Industry Together

Logistech Brings All Components of the Industry Together
Logistech Brings All Components of the Industry Together

Logistech – Logistics, Storage and Technologies Fair, organized by İZFAŞ for the first time this year; brought together all its stakeholders in the sector at Fuarizmir.

While a total of 6 thousand people visited Logistech, visitors from 14 countries around the world from Germany to the USA, from China to France, from Canada to Vietnam were among them. Being a natural logistics center with its geographical location and 8 years of history, İzmir aims to reinforce this position with the synergy created by the fair. With the fair, it is expected that the logistics performance of İzmir and the Aegean will increase, new roads will be opened in the sector to the city and our country, and it will also contribute to the economy. Organized to serve all these purposes, Logistech offers its exhibitors and visitors an experience in which the entire supply and need chain of the logistics sector is together, and received full marks from the sector representatives even though it is its first year.

Ayşem Ulusoy, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association of International Forwarding and Logistics Service Providers (UTIKAD), stated that it was a much more efficient and effective fair than they expected and said, “All our participating members are very satisfied with both the service received and the returns. This is the success of the organization. Everyone is very happy, very satisfied, that's what's important to us. I think that this success will continue to be multiplied next year. I am sure that next year, it will strengthen the international side a little more and it will be a profitable, productive and enjoyable fair for everyone.”

Yusuf Öztürk, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the İzmir Branch of the İMEAK Chamber of Shipping, stated that he was happy with the interest of the fair and the satisfaction of the participants, “I saw all my colleagues, I am incredibly happy. Below that is a kitchen work. İZFAŞ carried out under the coordination and auspices of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, incredible work was done and countless meetings were held. ” he said.

International merger took place at Logistech

Mesco Uluslararası Taşımacılık A.Ş., headquartered in İzmir and having branches in İstanbul and Mersin. and Fratelli Cosulich Group, the worldwide Italian brand of the logistics industry operating in 14 different sectors, was announced with the launch held at the Logistech Fair. Expressing that they want to share the partnership between the Fratelli Cosulich Group, which operates in 26 countries, and Mesco, at the Logistech Fair, CEO Müge Tekin Doğan said, “We were excited to attend the fair that brought together all the stakeholders in the sector. I think it will be a fair that will grow and grow every year. The fair also had a different purpose for us. We waited for this fair to announce the partnership, we chose this place to announce it to our colleagues”.

Arkas Holding Port and Terminal Operations Group Trade and Customer Relations Director Fatih Yılmaz Karasu stated that it was very nice for İzmir that the fair was held for the first time and that such an initiative was taken: It is a fair where the Izmir region, especially the stakeholders, come together. " said.

MSC Shipping Agency Inc. Expert Sales Representative Nazlı Bilgen said, “To be honest, we are happy to be here as MSC. During the pandemic, there were certain limited areas in the meeting of both the exporter and other logistics companies. Currently, this fair has brought together both the exporter and the logistics industry. It's been very positive. We hope that the fair will continue,” he said.

Selcuk Yavuz, Yusen İnci Logistics Contract Logistics Manager, stated that they operate in many areas as a company and said:Tunç Soyer We have been waiting with excitement since the fair launch organized by our President. During the fair, we hosted our customers from all the fields in which we operate, and we had the opportunity to come together. Participation is much higher than we expected. We think it will increase even more in the coming years,” he said.

DSV Air and Sea Transportation Inc. Sales and Marketing Senior Manager Kaan Hatipoğlu and Highway İzmir Branch Manager Müge Mumcu thanked İzmir Metropolitan Municipality for the fair and said, “It is very important to have such a fair in İzmir, which has been a port city for many years and will maintain its importance in terms of logistics now and in the future. important. We are one of the first companies to participate in the fair. Honestly, we didn't expect this much attention. Both customer and industry stakeholder participation were very good and productive. ” he said.

Havaş Warehouse Coordinator Turhan Yeşil stated that they should first thank all the participants and İZFAŞ and said, “It was a very important breakthrough for İzmir. As Havaş, we have temporary storage areas in Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya and Izmir, and Izmir is one of the most important for us. We saw the potential and have been here since 2015. When the offer to take part in the fair first came, we thought how it would be, if it was the first time, would it have an effect, but after participating, we saw that everyone understood that this was the right need. “He expressed his views.

The second of the Logistech Fair, which brings the logistics industry together and makes a commercial contribution to the industry with collaborations and bilateral meetings, will be held on September 27-29, 2023.

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