Hektaş Announces Two National Seeds on World Cotton Day

Hektas Announces Two National Seeds on World Cotton Day
Hektaş Announces Two National Seeds on World Cotton Day

Areo Tohumculuk, Hektaş's company operating in the field of seeds, announced two new local cotton seeds, 'Volkan' and 'Selçuk Bey', on 7 October World Cotton Day.

Hektaş first introduced its new seeds to the producers at the 'Field Days' held in Söke district of Aydın and Suruç district of Şanlıurfa, which are centers of cotton production. Developed as a result of R&D and improvement studies, two domestic cotton seeds stand out with their high yield potential and their ability to be suitable for all types of soil structure and machine harvesting.

Areo Tohumculuk, which was acquired by Hektaş, the pioneer of smart agriculture in Turkey, in 2019, introduced two new local cotton seeds, named 'Volkan' and 'Selçuk Bey', which were registered as a result of domestic cotton development studies, on 7 October World Cotton Day.

The 'Volkan' seed was first introduced in the Söke district of Aydın, and the 'Selçuk Bey' seed was introduced in the 'Field Days' events held with the participation of more than a thousand producers in the Suruç district of Şanlıurfa. Cotton producers, who showed great interest in the Field Days organized before the 'World Cotton Day', which is celebrated on October 7 every year around the world in order to emphasize the importance of cotton production and trade, have the opportunity to see the new domestic varieties on site and to get detailed information about the products from Hektaş's technical teams. found it.

With the producer for sustainable agriculture

Developing new products and services for the development and expansion of sustainable agriculture in accordance with Turkey's ecological structure, Hektaş continues to raise awareness and support Turkish farmers in order to increase the amount of product obtained from a unit area, that is, productivity. In addition to plant protection, plant nutrition and animal health products, the company accelerates its work in the seed business, and offers its new domestic seeds to producers.

7 October World Cotton Day

The World Cotton Day initiative was first born in 2019, when cotton producing countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, known as the 'Cotton Four', proposed to the World Trade Organization that 7 October be celebrated as World Cotton Day. Then, the United Nations (UN) declared 7 October as World Cotton Day in the same year with the suggestion of the International Cotton Advisory Board (ICAC). It aims to explain its role in trade, as well as to raise awareness of its critical role in poverty reduction.

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