Hamidiye Hejaz Railway Photography Exhibition Through Vedat Önal's Lens

Hamidiye Hejaz Railway Train Station Buildings Are In This Exhibition From The Lens Of Vedat Onalin
Hamidiye Hejaz Railway Train Station Buildings In This Exhibition From Vedat Önal's Lens

One of the most magnificent works left by the Ottoman Empire, the Hamidiye Hejaz Railway Train Station buildings, most of which are within the borders of Saudi Arabia and the other parts are scattered within the borders of Jordan, Syria and Turkey, will be reflected to history buffs through the lens of Vedat Önal.

Educator-Author Vedat Önal, who gave information about the Hamidiye Hijaz Railway Photography Exhibition, which was held with the contributions of the Kayseri Branch of the Writers' Union of Turkey, said, “This exhibition, which is the continuation of the 'Ottoman Traces in the Hijaz' photography exhibition, which we held for the first time in May, is at Cennet Mekan II. The 'Hamidiye Hejaz Railway', built by Abdulhamit Han with great devotion 114 years ago, consists of photographs of train station buildings. In the previous exhibition, I presented photographs of Ottoman heirloom artifacts spread over 15 different cities of Saudi Arabia to the taste of history lovers. In this exhibition, I featured the magnificent train station buildings of the Hamidiye Hejaz Railway, the construction of which was completed with the opening of the Medina Central Station 114 years ago on September 1, 1908. In addition, some photos from Jerusalem's Masjid al-Aqsa, along with some stations and historical sites within the borders of Jordan, are also featured. It is my biggest goal for the Turkish public to get to know the living and surviving heirlooms of this magnificent project, realized with perhaps the last joint work of the Ottoman Empire and also the Islamic world, by the Turkish public. I think that the historical value and importance of the Hamidiye Hejaz Railway is not sufficiently understood. I sincerely hope that this humble effort will contribute to other works to be carried out for this cause.”

Stating that the Hamidiye Hejaz Railway was not a project whose impact was felt only when it was used, Önal said, “We can easily say that the Hamidiye Hejaz Railway was the first master quarry where the engineers and masters trained in the State Railways since the first years of the Republic. I would like to do my best to make a project that has such an important place in our history better known. I would be happy if this exhibition makes a small contribution towards this goal. As a citizen of Kayseri, I think it is important to better recognize the station buildings, which were inspired by the works of our fellow countryman Mimar Sinan, who left very important works in the Hejaz Region, and which defy decades with their magnificent stonemasonry, in terms of protecting our history.”

The exhibition, which will open at 8:13 on Saturday, October 30 at the Kayseri Hunat Cultural Center, will remain open for three days.

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