Good News to Bursa Metropolitan Staff! Bank Promotion 27 Thousand Lira

Bank Promotion in Bursa Büyükşehir Thousand Lira
Bank Promotion in Bursa Metropolitan 27 Thousand Lira

The process of bank promotion, which concerns approximately 13 thousand personnel in Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, has been completed. Accordingly, an agreement was reached with Yapı Kredi Bank for 27 thousand TL. When the withdrawal fee of 5 thousand 500 TL arising from the contract with the old bank is deducted, 21 thousand 500 TL will be entered into the pockets of each personnel.

Additional protocol to collective agreement concerning 5100 workers working in BİNTED, one of the affiliates of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, has been signed by BİNTED A.Ş. and Hizmet-İş and Özgüvensen Unions. Within the scope of the protocol, the collective bargaining agreement, which will be in effect until 14 March 2024; In addition to the wage items, which were improved at an inflation rate of 15 percent as of September 2022, 26,97, some items were also improved. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş, speaking at the additional protocol signing ceremony, said, “The daily gross food fee has been increased to 39,66 TL, to be paid in cash, and the inflation rate has been increased in 6-month periods. The daily gross toll was increased to 20,98 TL to be paid in cash, and it was ensured that it was increased in proportion to the fare increase to be made to the long line tariff.”

Again, with the additional protocol, the employees working as field workshop workers and those actually working in the open area; A depreciation premium was added to the employees working in the positions of building exterior cleaning worker, grave digging and burial worker, animal care worker and landscaping worker. A training premium was added to be paid to university graduate employees working in office services and trainer staff. In charge of private security services; Responsibility premiums of supervisors and shift supervisors were increased and a liability premium was added to be paid to employees working as security unit supervisors. In addition to the existing business risk premiums, liability premiums have been added to the personnel working as construction machine operators, heavy vehicle drivers and light commercial vehicle drivers, as well as employees working as crew workers, master workers and foremen. In order to eliminate the wage imbalances among the positions of the employees, staff arrangements were made and wage improvements were implemented in line with the training of the employees and other professional competencies. The right to 6 months of unpaid leave after giving birth to female employees was increased to 6 months in total by adding 12 months.

Bank promotion 27 thousand TL

Meanwhile, Chairman Aktaş gave good news to the staff about the counter promotion, which was eagerly awaited by the staff. Stating that an agreement has been reached with Yapı Kredi Bank for 13 thousand TL regarding bank promotions that concern approximately 27 thousand personnel in the Metropolitan Municipality, Mayor Aktaş said that when the withdrawal fee is deducted from the contract with the previous bank, 5 thousand 500 TL is deducted from the pockets of all personnel, from bureaucrats to cleaning workers. He said that he would enter a thousand 21 TL. Chairman Aktaş wished that both the bank promotions and the improvements within the scope of the additional protocol would be beneficial to all personnel.

Service Business Branch Head Mustafa Yavuz and Özgüvensen Bursa Branch Head Hakan Açar also thanked President Aktaş for his efforts during the bank promotion and showing that he was with the employees in the additional protocol.

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