Game-Changing Technologies at SAHA EXPO 2022

Game-Changing Technologies at SAHA EXPO
Game-Changing Technologies at SAHA EXPO 2022

The latest innovative solutions for the Defense, Aerospace and Space Industry continue to increase its strength and capacity. While Turkey's achievements in this field continue to be discussed in the new world order, game-changing technologies in the Russia-Ukraine war are also on the agenda of the world press. SAHA EXPO, which is the biggest meeting of the industry and creates an effective platform for important collaborations, is preparing to bring together 57 foreign and 250 domestic companies from 750 countries. Having hosted over 18.000 professional visitors last year, SAHA EXPO is targeting 25 physical visitors at the Istanbul Expo Center between 28-2022 October 30.000 this year. Speaking at the press conference, SAHA Istanbul Secretary General İlhami Keleş said that SAHA Istanbul, while continuing its preparations for SAHA EXPO, was accepted to the World Space Federation first and then to EAQG (Europen Aerospace Quality Group) He said that it is very important in terms of raising its International position in the Defense, Aerospace and Space industry.

SAHA EXPO Defense, Aerospace and Space Industry Fair, which will bring together 750 domestic companies and 250 foreign companies operating in this field, will open its doors on October 25. SAHA EXPO, which will bring together all the stakeholders of the Defense, aerospace and space sectors, from giant defense industry companies to SMEs, universities, suppliers and R&D centers, will offer important cooperation opportunities to both participants and visitors. Many products of strategic importance in the aviation, maritime and space sectors will be introduced for the first time.

SAHA EXPO, which will be held between 816-23 October 25 by SAHA Istanbul, the largest Defense, Aerospace and Space Industry cluster of Turkey and Europe with 28 member companies and 2022 universities, under the auspices of the Presidency; BAYKAR will host world-renowned brands such as ASELSAN, TUSAŞ (TAI & TEI), ROKETSAN, HAVELSAN, OTOKAR, BMC, STM, FNSS, TAIS, LEONARDO UK, THALES, DASSAULT SYSTEMES, BARZAN, FED JSC IVCHENKO-PROGRESS and MOTOR SICH. Domestic brands, which are the pioneers and cornerstones of the Defense, Aerospace and Space Industry, will bring their newest projects and surprise products to the professionals of the sector for the first time.

Speaking at the press conference, SAHA Istanbul Secretary General İlhami Keleş said that SAHA Istanbul was established in 2015 and has experienced a strong growth process until 2022. Expressing that SAHA Istanbul has become the largest cluster of the European Clusters Union, Keleş said, “We are here as Europe's largest industrial cluster with 25 universities and 816 companies. We are holding SAHA EXPO with this identity. We held our first fair with 2020 companies in 135. We held the world's first virtual defense industry fair due to the fair pandemic that we will hold in 2020. This fair attracted a lot of attention. More than 120 thousand visitors attended. There were more than 27 thousand foreign entries. There were 744 online meeting rooms at this fair. 32 interviews were held.” he said.

Reminding that the fair was organized as a hybrid in 2021, İlhami Keleş said, “In 2021, we held it first as a physical fair and then as a virtual fair. We tried a different concept at the physical fair. In this fair, the subjects became SMEs. Large companies concentrated on developing relationships with SMEs. 481 companies participated in this fair. We held the fair in 4 halls.” he said.

SAHA Istanbul Secretary General İlhami Keleş emphasized that the objectives of the fairs have changed with the development process in the field of Defense Industry, and said: “Turkey used to be a market country. Turkey was a country that came to fairs to sell goods. The direction of the event has changed with the developments in the field of Defense Industry. We bring foreign companies to Turkey to get in touch with 57 participating countries. We want foreigners to come so that they can develop business with our companies. This fair is now a new generation fair for Turkey. In this fair, our companies will sell their goods abroad. Foreigners will develop business among themselves. At this fair, we want to provide a service that is not available in any other fair in the world. From the beginning of next week, we will distribute special fair intelligence to each company. We will give special analyzes to companies. In other words, we will provide consultancy services to companies. We will open the B2B portal. Within the framework of the analyzes we sent, companies will create meeting requests from each other. They will make fair calendars together. We will make this fair attractive by enabling all domestic and foreign companies to trade”.


Explaining that the fair will be held as a hybrid in 2022, İlhami Keleş said, “Our fair will be held between 01 November 2022 and 01 February 2023 in the Metaverse universe. People who cannot attend the fair somehow will be able to participate in the fair, see the products and hold live meetings. Here, again, we are making a first in the world. While putting forward the claim of being a world brand, we do not present it as an empty claim. We demonstrate our claim to be a world brand with our services, our way of doing business, our new approaches to fairs, and our technological know-how.” Noting that the fair will only be open to the public on the last day, Keleş added that people over the age of 18 can visit the fair.


Saying that as SAHA Istanbul, they reached the summit as the largest SAHA cluster in Europe in August, SAHA Istanbul Secretary General Ilhami Keleş underlined that they are also growing in the international arena and said: “Recently, SAHA Istanbul and therefore the National Space Industry within SAHA Istanbul in Paris After the good news of SAHA MUEK's acceptance to the International Space Federation, we received another important good news for our National Aviation Industry yesterday. The work that SAHA Istanbul started with the European Aerospace Quality Group EAQG 4 years ago was successfully completed with the voting held in Zurich yesterday.”

Ilhami Keleş said that these important works of SAHA Istanbul strengthen the sector in the International; “In these works, which SAHA Istanbul started 4 years ago and continued with determination, all the links of the chain were completed yesterday, thus opening an end-to-end field for the quality systems of the Turkish aviation industry. After this development, Turkey's system infrastructure was no different from Germany, France and England in terms of being a part of aviation quality systems and taking part in these studies. Again as a part of this process, TÜRK LOYDU's authorization to issue AS9100 certificate (Certification Bady), which is a candidate to become a certification company and audits Roketsan's AS9100 installation over SAHA MİHENK under the supervision of EAQG, has been accredited by TÜRKAK. Thus, TÜRK LOYDU became the first Turkish company authorized to issue AS9100 certificate. In this context, ROKETSAN, the last link of the chain, became the first Turkish company to receive AS9100 certificate by an accredited Turkish company.


SAHA EXPO Fair, organized under the auspices of the Presidency with the participation and support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of National Defense, the Ministry of Industry and Technology, the Ministry of Commerce and the Turkish Presidency of Defense Industry, aiming to bring together nearly 50 companies from more than 1.000 countries. will reveal the increase in domestic production potential and its independent production power.

A wide variety of exhibitors will attend the fair, including national and international delegations, ministers of defense, senior procurement staff, contractors/OEM, system integrators, SMEs, industry professionals, subcontractors, major manufacturers, service providers, suppliers, universities and the media. During the fair, intensive B2B meetings will be held between major platform manufacturers and other participating companies that supply systems, subsystems, components and parts, G2B meetings between delegations and participating enterprises, and G2G meetings between Turkish civil and military authorities and international delegations. In addition, international panels, company product/project presentations and signing ceremonies will be held during the fair.

This year, the exhibition halls were designed with a very different perspective, with the logic of urbanism, by one of Turkey's best architecture offices, in the “Silk Road” style, which has never been seen before in the fair world. SAHA EXPO 2022's new art of planning facilitates access to the stands, ensures a seamless arrival of visitors and maximizes exhibitor branding opportunities.

Covering a wide-ranging eco-system, the SAHA EXPO Fair will give small businesses and Startup companies the opportunity to promote themselves and their products alongside large companies. During the fair, international panels and signing ceremonies will be held. Within the scope of the SAHA Enterprise program, entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to meet with many industrialists and investors, while introducing themselves with the projects they presented during the fair.

It is estimated that around 6 B60.000B, B2G and G30.000G meetings will be held at the fair, which will be held in 10.000 halls, on an area of ​​2 m2, and where 2 professional visitors are expected this year.

After the physical exhibition, SAHA EXPO METAVERSE will allow visitors from all over the world to visit the exhibition with their avatars and examine the projects.


  • 57 countries
  • 1 prime minister, 8 ministers
  • 119 official, 110 business delegation members
  • Participation of 83 foreign companies with booths
  • 36 Military and Civil Delegations from 597 Countries
  • Around 10 thousand B2B Meetings

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