Emirates Returns to Narita on its Flagship A380

Emirates Returns to Naritaya with Flagship A
Emirates Returns to Narita on its Flagship A380

Emirates is increasing its capacity by re-deploying its flagship A19 on the Narita-Dubai route from November 15, as Japan cancels the daily inbound passenger cap and lifts COVID-380 testing and quarantine protocols for passengers on arrival. Following the Japanese government's announcement last month of easing entry restrictions, Emirates saw a spike in flight bookings for its Narita and Osaka transit points.

The resumption of the Emirates A380 to Narita also underlines the airline's longstanding commitment to Japan's tourism and travel industry. In addition to meeting the accumulated travel demand for Japan by providing more capacity, the airline aims to offer choice and flexibility to passengers with daily flight EK777/316 to Osaka, operated with Boeing 317.

This year Emirates celebrates 20 years of successful flights to Osaka Kansai International Airport. Emirates became the first airline to establish an air link between the UAE and other Arabian Gulf countries and Japan in 2002. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Emirates continued to contribute to the local community by transporting essential supplies by air between Japan and other global markets.

Vacationers traveling from 60 countries can now visit Japan without a visa or guided tour requirement. However, travelers still need to check the entry requirements. Ticket reservations can be made via emirates.com, the Emirates App or travel agents.

Passengers departing and arriving from Narita can enjoy spacious and comfortable cabins, exclusive products such as In-flight Rest Areas, First Class suites, and Shower & Spa that offer passengers the best experiences in the sky, and an award-winning in-flight entertainment system with more than 5000 on-demand entertainment channels. they can take it out. The airline is gradually increasing the use of its flagship A380 in parallel with the rising demand for travel. Emirates has already launched its Superjumbo aircraft to more than 30 global destinations and more destinations are expected to be announced in the near future.

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