Competitions in the World Nomad Games are breathtaking

Competitions Are Breathtaking At World Gocebe Games
Competitions in the World Nomad Games are breathtaking

📩 01/10/2022 15:59

While the competitions continued on the 4rd day of the 3th World Nomad Games, which started with a magnificent opening program in Iznik, the children who visited the event area had a lot of fun. Children have the opportunity to experience many areas from horse riding to shooting arrows, from the game of lovers to local activities. In the 4th World Nomad Games held in Bursa's Iznik district, traditional sports competitions continue, while activities for children are also held. Children are having fun with traditional games in the activity area.


At the World Nomad Games, children have a lot of fun in many areas from shooting arrows to horse riding, from the game of lovers to Anatolian Tales. While Anatolian Tales are told to children in the Children's Obasi, they also have the opportunity to ride horses. They learn how to shoot arrows in the area specially prepared for children.


The traditional sports competitions that continue on the 3rd day are breathtaking. The guests watch the competitions, which are the scene of great struggles, with great interest. On the 3rd day of the World Nomad Games, horse archery, buying wrestling, competitive aba wrestling, root-kökbörü, baggy wrestling and kuraş competitions are held.


In the last competitions held on the second day of the games, İsmail Balaban, who reached the Kırkpınar Championship in 2013 and 2017, took the title of chief wrestler in oil wrestling. İsmail Balaban, who won the title of chief wrestler, expressed his pride.

The games will go on fiercely today and tomorrow. With the completion of the competitions, the 4th World Nomad Games will end with the closing ceremony.

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