Coast Guard Command 150 Experts to Buy Erbaş

Coast Guard Command to Recruit Specialist Erbas
Coast Guard Command 150 Experts to Buy Erbaş

150 specialist non-commissioned officers will be recruited in the branches specified in the link below to be employed in the Coast Guard Command Headquarters and affiliated units and institutions.

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a. Being a citizen of the Republic of Turkey and being male,

b. To be at least high school graduate,

c. Not to have completed the age of 2022 as of the first day of January 27 (who were born on or after January 01, 1995 can apply),

d. To have performed or to be performing military service as an obligated non-commissioned officer or a contracted non-commissioned officer,

D. For candidates who have completed their military service, not more than 5 (five) years have passed since the first day of the application date (those who were discharged on or after 10 October 2017),

to. For those who apply while doing their military service, to receive the “QUALIFICATION DOCUMENT FOR THE QUALIFICATIONS FOR THE EXPERT COOPERATIVES”, which is prepared by the military service unit pursuant to the Specialist Private Officer Regulations and the sample of which can be found on page 13 (This document must be of the conviction that “Specialist Officer Becomes”) ,

f. Contracted non-commissioned officers and privates; Not having completed the age of 3 as of the first day of January 2022 for those who have served at least three (29) years within the application dates and within the following contract periods (those who were born on 01 January 1993 and later can apply), For those who have completed the contract period and left without renewing their contract, the age requirement in Art.3/c will be applied (not having completed the age of 2022 as of the first day of January 27 (who were born on January 01, 1995 and later can apply),

g. Not to be dismissed from military studentship,

ğ. Not having been previously employed as an officer (including reserve officer), non-commissioned officer (including reserve NCO), specialist gendarmerie and specialist non-commissioned officer in the Turkish Armed Forces, Gendarmerie General Command and Coast Guard Command (The status of all applicants must be determined by other Force Commands and J.Gn. They are questioned by the General Staff and Social Security Institution, although in this situation, the procedures of the applicants are canceled regardless of the stage (even if their appointments have been made),

h. Candidates whose contracts were terminated without any fault of their own, and those who did not renew their contract voluntarily or who left the contracted military service, may apply to the specialist sergeant, provided that they meet the conditions in the relevant legislation. (6191 Sy.Kanun/art.8, Sö Er Regulation Art.28/1), The status of all applicants is questioned by other Force Commands, J.Gn.K. and SGK Office, their contracts are terminated due to their own faults. Transactions of the candidates who are registered are canceled at any stage (even if their appointments have been made),

I. To be successful in the written exam (general culture and occupational knowledge), preliminary health examination, physical ability and evaluation tests, applied professional knowledge exams and interview exams and to enter the quota determined by the Coast Guard Command,

I. A positive result of the security investigation and archive research to be made,

j. Except for negligent offences, not to be convicted of other crimes by a judicial or military court with a prison sentence of more than thirty days, not to be convicted of a crime even if it is pardoned or time-barred or converted into a fine or postponed and removed from the criminal record, negligent Not to be sentenced to a prison sentence of six months or more due to crimes,

k. Even if the sentence is postponed, the alternative is turned into sanctions, the deferment of the announcement of the verdict is decided or pardoned, crimes against the personality of the State and simple and qualified embezzlement, embezzlement, slander, bribery, theft, fraud, forgery, abuse of belief, perjury, Disgraceful or dishonorable crimes such as perjury, crime classification, rape, molestation, kidnapping of a girl, woman or man, incitement to prostitution, unnatural acts, fraudulent bankruptcy, smuggling, official tenders and procurement and smuggling, excluding exploitation and consumption smuggling. Conspiracy to sell, revealing state secrets, desertion during military service, assault on a superior or superior, insistence on disobeying orders, insulting superiors, resistance, mischief, rebellion, or in accordance with the 22th article of the Military Penal Code No. 5 of 1930/1632/148. Not to be convicted of the crimes listed in the article l. Not to have overshadowed the moral personality of the Coast Guard Command, not to take actions incompatible with the honor and dignity of his military service, not to adopt illegal, political, destructive and divisive ideological views with his attitudes and behaviors,

m. One of the hospitals authorized by the Ministry of Health to issue a health committee report, in accordance with the TAF, General Staff and SGK Health Capability Regulations (who meet the Commando's health skills within the framework of the principles specified in the Annex-D table within the scope of Article 23 of the Regulation), "EXPERT CORPORATE" is determined. Proving that having a health board report is suitable for the specialist sergeant, proving with a report from the full-fledged hospitals to which they will be transferred, as well as meeting the necessary conditions according to the branch characteristics, (Candidates can object to the preliminary reports given to them by the health boards at the hospital to which they are referred, within 3 days from the date of the preliminary report and go to the hospital. They are responsible for submitting the preliminary medical board reports to the Coast Guard Command within 1 month from the date of dispatch),

n. To have the qualification determined for the branch to be purchased (to meet the conditions in the table in the 1st article),

he is. At least 164 cm. To be within the values ​​specified in the table of height and weight ratios on page-11, provided that they are tall (Weight is body weight in shorts/tracksuits. Height is measured with bare feet.).


a. Applications will be made between 10-20 October 2022 via the e-Government portal only at Applications made by mail or in person other than the internet environment will not be considered. The application results will be announced to the candidates via

b. Applications; It will start at 10:2022 on October 14, 00 and end at 20:2022 on October 14, 00. If the desired number of applications for all or some branches cannot be reached, the application period may be extended by the administration for all or some branches. This situation will be stated later on the ​​website.

c. Candidates who apply according to their military class/branch/specialization and candidates who need to upload additional documents to the system, while making their applications online;

  1. For those who have completed their military service, a discharge certificate with the date of discharge and the clear name of the class/branch/specialty on it, (Since the military status document obtained via e-government does not include the candidate's class/branch/specialization, the candidate's eligibility cannot be determined according to his military service class/branch/specialization and this Candidates' applications cannot be evaluated.)
  2.  The letter of the place of duty (indicating the clear name of the class/branch/specialty) to be received by those who are doing their military service or contracted soldiers (sample letter for contracted privates page-15, for those doing their military service page-16),
  3. (They will scan/take a photo of the additional document/certificate requested for application and upload it to the system legibly. Applications of document owners that are not visible/read in the system will not be evaluated and will be deemed invalid.

d. If it is determined that the documents declared/uploaded to the system by the candidates are not in accordance with the application requirements in the guide, the candidate will be deemed eliminated and the procedures of the candidate will be canceled regardless of the stage of the recruitment process (even if their appointment has been made). The legal responsibility in this matter will be on the candidate himself.

D. Applications submitted by mail or in person other than the Internet will not be considered.

to. All kinds of announcements will be made on the internet address of ​​during the recruitment process, and the candidates are responsible for following the announcements according to the recruitment calendar. No notification will be sent to the addresses of the candidates, Announcements to be made on the internet address are official notifications.

f. No application fee is required from the candidates.

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