Bohemian Bar that Shapes the Concept of Entertainment in Ankara

Bohemian Bar that Shapes the Concept of Entertainment in Ankara
Bohemian Bar that Shapes the Concept of Entertainment in Ankara

Bohemian Bar, which always directs the understanding of entertainment in Ankara; It continues the fun every Wednesday with its parties and the birthdays celebrated by its customers.

Bohemian bar, owned by Fethi Koyuncu, Cemil Yaprakçıoğlu and Emre Topel and operated by Baran Yazıcı, continues to meet with its fans seven days a week.

Fethi Koyuncu, one of the owners of the bar, said that there was a big crowd again on Wednesday night; “Bohemian Cocktail Bar continues to be one of the most popular venues of Ankara nights by far. Welcoming its guests with the most beautiful songs of the 90s, Bohemian sometimes hits the bottom of nostalgia with Turkish pop old songs or foreign music. Tonight, DJ Taha Sertkaya entertained the guests who came to our bar until late at night with his performance. It has a nice style compared to other bars in Ankara; Bohemian, which creates awareness with its eye-catching interior and exterior architecture, serves its customers 7 days a week”.


While the music repertoire prepared by DJ Taha excited those who came to have fun, those who came for the birthday celebration were delighted with the surprise party.

Funda Yalçın and her friends and Fidan Pirpir and her friends at the other table sang high-tempo songs in unison with the joy of surprise birthday.

The “Bohemian Ankara Cocktail Bar”, which was opened in the past months and took its place among the entertainment venues in Ankara, continues at full speed…

Bringing a new sense of entertainment to Ankara with its legendary Wednesday nights, Bohemian entertained its guests with its warm nights this week, and it was packed until late at night...

Bohemian Cocktail Bar; With the music made by DJ Taha, Ankara brought the community life and the youth together. Many well-known figures from the life of the Society attended the night… This week, Funda Yalçın and her friends celebrating her new age at the other table, Fidan Pirpir, organized a nice party among themselves at the venue, which is also preferred by those who want to celebrate their birthday as a group.


Fidan Pirpir, who stated that she was a business person in the construction sector in Ankara, where her surprise birthday was held, said; “I am very happy to celebrate my birthday in the Bohemian bar tonight with my friends Deniz Sema Kaya, Duygu Kale and a few friends,” he said. The other surprise of the night was DJ Taha with a great performance and dragged the birthday celebrations to the fun. Fidan Pirpir, who attended the night with his friends, danced with his friends from time to time and forgot the tiredness of the day. Fidan and her friends did not neglect to take lots of photos at the Bohemian Bar on this happy day…


Ankara residents who came to Bohemian Bar to relieve stress and have fun left the night very happy. The entertainment-loving night-goers, which filled the place, danced for hours until the late hours of the night, ecstatic.

Bohemian customers once again witnessed the joy of entertainment with DJ Taha Sertkaya's quality music this week.

Stating that there are national and signiture cocktails in Bohemian cuisine, which has a fusion of cuisine, Cemil Tekstilçıoğlu and Baran Yazıcı said, “Our bar is open 7 days a week, you can eat and sit at the bar. In addition, we will entertain you at night with pleasant music made by our 7 different DJs 3 days a week. sohbetWe invite them to e.

In the upper part of the bar, which attracts attention with its Flamingo sculptures and different style corners in the interior of the place, the guests almost competed with each other to share photos and videos throughout the night.

One of the sought after figures of Ankara nightlife, Mehmet Eroğlu, Melda Yeter, Fidan Pirpir, Ayfer Gürses, Ayşe Biçer, Berkan Baykam, Ela Ekim, Çağla Baykam, Ebru Akgün, Ekin Ünlü, Elif Karaduman, Ercan Aslan, Filiz Çınar, Batıkan Mızrak, Merve Tilkioğlu , Oğulcan Gençler, Serra Haznedar, Sertaç Darcan, Yıldız Sağlam, Tugay Ayyıldız, Tufan Bağcı and many others were among those who had fun at the Bohemian Bar on Wednesday night…

The owner of the place, Cemil Yaprakçıoğlu, and the manager, Baran Yazıcı, Bohem; they had a great night by welcoming and taking care of their guests at the door on the legendary Wednesday night.

Bohemian Bar's concept parties and live music nights will continue to be experienced in the coming days and legendary Wednesday nights.

Bohemian; A place where you will be as comfortable as you will be at home, accompanied by friendly staff, different interior styles and beautiful music...

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