What Causes Sore Throat, What Is It Good For? How Does a Sore Throat Pass?

What Causes Throat Pain?
What Causes Sore Throat, What Is It Good For?

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Ear Nose and Throat Diseases Specialist Assoc. Dr. Yavuz Selim Yıldırım, “Sore throat manifests itself in the form of burning, soreness, drying and irritation in the throat area. Sore throat is the first symptom of many diseases.

Throat; Since it is a junction area, viruses and bacteria that come by air or by direct contact with food are first captured by the lymph tissues here and symptoms occur. Apart from this, throat symptoms due to nasal congestion, especially allergic and viral diseases, nasal discharge, irritation of the throat and at the same time, the throat symptoms due to the drying of the throat due to nasal congestion are added to the symptoms of nasal congestion. symptoms such as pain, cough, tickle occur.

As a result of the increase in air pollution in winter, the polluted air inhaled can irritate the throat and increase the complaints of sore throat, just like in cigarettes.

When evaluating the complaint of sore throat, we also check the accompanying symptoms. For example, fever, weakness, cough, fatigue, sweating, runny nose, nasal congestion, sneezing, hoarseness, difficulty in swallowing and sputum should be evaluated together with sore throat.

The most important causes of sore throat are viral and bacterial causes. The most common are viral causes. Viruses such as Influenza, Rhino virus, Adenovirus, parainfluenza, herpes, Coronavirus, Epstain bar virus and coxsaki can be counted among the viruses. is a factor.

The initial type of sore throat, accompanying symptoms, the general condition of the patient, and viral-bacterial distinction can be made by examination. Empirical treatment can be started immediately. A definitive diagnosis can be reached by blood analysis and various tests in people and children who cannot be differentiated. Many people are afraid that as soon as the symptoms of the disease begin, it will worsen and they use many traditional and complementary practices to prevent it. Diseases usually start with runny nose, nasal congestion and tearing, that is, with rhinitis, then pharyngitis occurs with the addition of sore throat, tickling and difficulty in swallowing, then laryngitis if hoarseness is added, and finally bronchitis occurs by adding dry or phlegmatic cough.

As a result, symptoms can occur in all places that affect the airway, as the airway starts from the nose and continues to the lungs.

Dr. Yavuz Selim Yıldırım talked about how to treat sore throat;

Since viral diseases are mostly seen, I will talk about the treatment of viral sore throat first. By starting antibiotics in viral infections, we cause damage to the affected throat flora due to viruses, and by giving antibiotics to the healthy cells there, and it may cause the disease to prolong. In other words, using antibiotics unnecessarily may cause the throat to worsen rather than heal, and additional diseases may occur. Unless the doctor who examined you prescribes antibiotics, you should not insist on asking for antibiotics.

Antibiotics only work in throat infections due to bacteria and accelerate healing.

In throat infections due to viral causes, the back wall of the throat is dotted, puffy and reddened. These rashes cause the throat to become dry, ticklish, and cause pain while eating, drinking, and talking. In other words, when the back wall of the throat is irritated due to viral causes, it should be noted that plenty of fluids should be taken to prevent the throat from drying out. At least 1,5-2 liters of liquid should be consumed throughout. Again, slightly warm tea and beverages such as linden that will soften the throat also relieve the throat. – It provides significant relief of sore throat by protecting this area from drying out. Oily and sticky foods such as tahini-molasses and olive oil, which also have the feature of sticking to the throat, accelerate the healing by keeping the throat moist.

In cases where the throat mucosa due to viruses is irritated, especially not to be done, vinegar lemon, spicy spicy ginger food and drinks that harm the throat should not be consumed! Because lemon is acidic, it causes a little more irritation of the throat mucosa and prolongs the healing. Likewise, vinegar, salt, bitters and spices can increase irritation of the throat mucosa, delaying healing and worsening the patient's symptoms. In microbial infections, that is, in throat infections due to bacteria, vinegar, saline – botanical waters and throat sprays contribute to healing by accelerating the killing of bacteria in the throat.

As a result, Assoc. Dr. Yavuz Selim Yıldırım said, “Since the cause of every sore throat is not the same; He said that antibiotics should not be used immediately. Plenty of fluid intake should be provided, for the treatment of accompanying symptoms, for example, by supporting with antipyretic pain relievers, Healing can be accelerated. Ensuring nasal patency in those with nasal congestion prevents the throat from drying out and accelerates recovery. And again, throat pain can be cured by treating acid that irritates the throat, such as reflux, and tobacco products such as hookah and cigarettes should be avoided. You can use honey or propolis throat spray or lozenge.

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