Istanbul's Best Hair Transplant Centers and 2022 Hair Transplant Prices

Istanbul's Best Hair Transplant Centers and Hair Transplant Prices
Istanbul's Best Hair Transplant Centers and 2022 Hair Transplant Prices

Advancing medical technologies have made it possible for hair transplant centers to offer a much higher rate of success than before. The best hair transplant centers in Istanbul, working with specialist doctors, apply international developments to domestic processes, increase the retention rates and maximize the natural hair appearance. This situation causes an increase in the number of people who prefer Istanbul for their hair transplant processes, both from abroad and from different cities in Turkey. What should be considered in the place of hair transplantation? Is It Time to Have a Hair Transplant? When Does Hair Grow After Hair Transplantation? Can False Hair Transplantation Be Corrected?

Many factors, from hygiene standards to treatment alternatives in hair transplantation processes, can change which clinic is labeled as "the best". General research says that you should choose those with the highest customer satisfaction scores in both hair transplant forums and Google comments.

As a team, we conducted a detailed research on the best hair transplant centers in Istanbul. Check out the rest of our news to review the results of our research and decide which clinic to choose for the best hair transplant results!

Best Hair Transplantation Center List and 2022 Prices

  • Este Favor Hair Transplantation Center
  • Asmed Hair Transplantation Center
  • Heva Clinic Hair Transplantation Center
  • Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic
  • Esthetica Hair Transplantation Center
  • Transmed Hair Transplant Clinic
  • Acıbadem Hospital Hair Transplantation
  • Newage Hair Transplantation Center
  • Esteworld Medical Center
  • Smile Hair Transplantation Center

Este Favor Hair Transplantation Center

Este Hair Transplantation Center, which exhibits a new generation, innovative and patient-oriented approach, works to achieve an intense, natural and tight hair transplantation result with the target of 100% satisfaction. Este Favor, who has achieved fascinating hair transplant results; It does a very meticulous and detailed study on the direction, frequency of hair transplantation and the quality hair selected from the donor area.

Este Favor transplanting with the Innovative Sapphire method, with only 1 or 2 hair transplants per day, within the scope of covid measures; they try to achieve the best hair transplant result by performing correct planning, patient-specific approach and maximum graft studies. Este Favor protects the health of both its employees and clients at the highest level, especially with the high-level measures taken during the COVID-19 period. A good result in Hair Transplantation; Este Favor, who has done successful work in stages such as its naturalness, the correct protection of the planted roots, and the natural determination of the hairline, has not encountered any negative results and has not had any complaints.

This clinic, located in Istanbul, carries out its procedures in sterile operating room conditions in the hospital. It has been shown among the best hair transplant centers in Istanbul for quite a long time. If you want to trust real professionals in your own process, Este Favor Hair Transplantation Center may be the right choice.

Asmed Hair Transplantation Center

According to Doctor Koray Erdogan, who is quite famous in his field, the use of modern technologies in hair transplant results added "homogeneity" to the procedure. The homogeneity makes it possible to achieve the aesthetic appearance that is closest to the natural hair appearance, in which the hair is evenly distributed on the scalp. In this context, Asmed Hair Transplantation Center aims to develop FUE with new high-tech methods.

Koray Erdogan continues to make his voice heard in the academic world with the new methods he offers in the field of hair transplantation. Various methods such as KEEP and KE-HEAD, developed within the framework of published academic scientific articles, aim to increase the success rate of the hair transplant procedure and the adherence rates of the grafts.

Asmed Hair Transplantation Center is located in Ataşehir district of Istanbul. In this big hospital, you can get service in the area of ​​hair transplantation, or you can benefit from treatments that will improve your hair health. Before making your decision, it may be useful to make an appointment and to act within the framework of your doctor's recommendations after hair analysis / examination.

Heva Clinic Hair Transplantation Center

Are you looking for the best hair transplant center? Heva Clinic is a very popular international hair transplant center among tourists who come to Turkey for medical operations to get high-level results, especially from Europe, England and the United States. You can benefit from the following services at Heva Clinic's hair transplant center in Nişantaşı:

  • FUE Sapphire Hair Transplant
  • Unshaven Hair Transplant
  • Beard/Mustache Transplant
  • Women's Hair Transplant
  • Forehead Reduction Operation

With its technological hair transplant center and natural hair transplant techniques that they have perfected for years, it is one of the clinics that you should definitely talk to before having a hair transplant operation in Istanbul. You can find both short-term and long-term solutions together with techniques that increase hair density before and after hair transplantation at Heva Clinic. Thus, you can get the best results in the fastest way and reach your target image. The most important point that distinguishes Heva Clinic from other hair transplant centers is that they do hair analysis at the clinic completely free of charge. If you want to have an operation in one of the best hair transplant centers in Istanbul, you can reach Heva Clinic from the details below.

Serkan Aygin Hair Transplant Clinic

Serkan Aygın, a well-known hair transplant doctor both in Turkey and abroad, actively accepts patients in the clinic named after him. Working as a member of the International Dermatology Association, Aygın's following all new technology and surgical methods on the basis of hair transplant procedures will ensure that you benefit from the latest approach.

In Serkan Aygın Hair Transplant Clinic, the process proceeds step by step. Usually, your doctor will meet you within the hair transplant service, and consultation procedures will take place. It is very good news that there is no obstacle to the realization of hair transplantation. Your doctor starts the procedure with the hair transplant method that will give you the best and permanent solution as soon as possible. FUE, DHI, and Sapphire FUE are three of the most commonly used methods.

Esthethica Hair Transplant Clinic

Choosing the right hair transplant clinic first requires examining the feedback of those who prefer the clinic about the process. There are many features that set Estethica apart from the rest! First of all, it is possible to say that the clinic provides active services not only in the field of hair transplantation, but also in plastic surgery, dental procedures and much more. Therefore, Estethica is actually a private medical center. Those who want to choose a reliable clinic that stands out with its institutionalism often choose this place.

Estethica Hair Transplant Clinic performs hair transplantation with a special method called DHI Plus Gold, which is only available within their own structure. This method, whose research and development process takes about 12 months, includes the application of a needle made of gold throughout the procedure. Remember the DHI hair transplant technique: Choi implanter pen was used in this technique. DHI gold requires the needle at the tip of the pen to be of gold material.

This process is known to cause less tissue damage while reducing the process required for hair transplantation to one third. Esthetica Hair Transplantation Clinic also provides services for many additional methods.

In this clinic, which has been serving in the field of hair transplantation for more than twenty years, strong care procedures are also applied in addition to transplantation. Those who want to increase their hair health can also choose Serkan Aygın Hair Transplant Clinic.

Transmed Hair Transplant Clinic

Transmed Hair Transplantation Clinic is a very popular clinic that actively provides services in the fields of hair transplantation, aesthetic surgery and medical aesthetics. Unshaven Hair Transplantation, which has become especially popular recently, is one of the ambitious areas of the clinic. This center, which carries out treatment and examination procedures within the framework of the regulation of the Ministry of Health, is ranked first in almost every list among the best hair transplant clinics in Istanbul. Every operation that takes place here is carried out directly by medical doctors.

You can make an appointment from the clinic for all Hair and Cosmetic Surgery services. You can contact us via Whatsapp to take advantage of sophisticated options such as icegraft solution application, which is different from other clinics, or to get detailed information about these options.

The services of Transmed Hair Transplant Clinic are not limited to this! In addition to hair transplantation services, you can increase your self-confidence by making your appearance completely imaginable with eyebrow transplantation. In addition, non-surgical hair treatments and laser hair treatments recommended for those who want to increase their hair health and achieve a more lush, bright and strong appearance are also provided by Transmed clinic.

Acıbadem Hospital Hair Transplantation

Acıbadem Hospital has a very strong hair transplant unit with its specialist doctors. This unit has a strong structure where both hair-related improvement treatments and innovative hair transplantation methods are practiced. Patients who want to continue their hair transplant process in a hospital that has proven itself and has reached a certain standard by serving in many areas, often prefer Acıbadem Hospital. It is possible to say that both FUT and FUE methods continue to be applied in the hospital.

However, recent innovative approaches and improved processes can enable FUE to produce much faster and stronger results. If you are not sure which method is more suitable for you, you can first talk to your doctor at Acıbadem, one of the best hair transplant centers in Istanbul.

Newage Hair Transplantation Center

Are you doing research on the best hair transplant centers in Istanbul? It is extremely important that such a process is not left to chance. That's why we want to continue with a new clinic we found by doing detailed research in the internet world: Newage Hair Transplantation Center with almost no bad reviews!

The procedure itself is carried out directly by the doctor. In this way, you will benefit from the maximum level of professional service and guarantee success.

Esteworld Hair Transplantation Center

Are you ready to meet a new generation, technologically advanced clinic that pushes the top in the best Istanbul hair transplant center lists in terms of the methods it offers? Esteworld hair transplantation center, which uses robotic technologies for graft calculation and finding the most accurate graft point, guarantees maximum retention.

In addition, the latest research and development studies carried out by the specialist doctors of the center have revealed a new method called "non-washing hair transplantation". This method makes it possible to obtain hair transplantation results with the same efficiency in less time.

Install and make an appointment. The examination performed within the framework of your appointment will save time to find the most suitable method for you and to continue the process with this method.

Smile Hair Transplantation Center

Smile Hair Transplantation Center, which has achieved many successes in the field of hair transplantation, is managed by two doctors who are experts in their fields. All of the following services are provided at this center:

  • Fue hair transplant
  • Sapphire hair transplant
  • DHI hair transplant
  • beard transplant
  • eyebrow transplant
  • Hair transplantation from body hair

The provision of both hair transplant services and other therapeutic services makes the clinic an excellent option for a wide range of patients. Smile Hair Clinic provides all hair transplant services with a 30-year guarantee. This guarantee ensures that you will not lose your hair due to a doctor's error during the process. All you have to do is take care of your hair as your doctor recommends!

What should be considered in the place of hair transplantation?

The things to be considered in the places where hair transplantation is performed are important in making the process healthier and as it should be. In this sense, the things to be considered are as follows;

  • Attention should be paid to whether the hygiene rules are complied with in the places where hair transplantation will be performed.
  • The places that make hair transplantation with high fees do not show that they are good at this. The high price does not mean that the hair transplant center is good.
  • It should be checked whether there are specialists in the hair transplantation center who will perform this procedure as it should be.
  • During the treatment, the specialist should give you the necessary information and provide the necessary support for the side effects after this transplantation.
  • You need to pay attention to these at the decision stage to have a hair transplant.

What are the things that people who will have a hair transplant should pay attention to?

The points that those who will have hair transplantation should pay attention to are very important to get a successful result from the transplantation process. Issues to consider include:

  • A research should be done beforehand about the best hair transplant centers and prices. The place where the operation will be performed should be chosen accordingly.
  • By working with experts, you can choose the most suitable technique for your hair.
  • Before hair transplantation, you must not consume alcohol for at least 1 week.
  • Hair transplant recipients should not use any lotion, gel or cream.
  • Hair loss may occur in the first 3 months after hair transplantation. In this case, you should not worry.
  • It should not be thought that a better treatment will be made for very high amounts of hair transplantation prices.
  • Your doctor tells you about the duration of the procedure. If your doctor does not provide information, you have the chance to ask and learn what you are curious about.

Is It Time to Have a Hair Transplant?

There is no specific time limit for the time of hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is a treatment applied when the hair follicles completely disappear and there is no possibility of hair growth. Without the need to wait for a certain period of time for this, anyone with this condition can have hair transplantation in every season.

However, it can be said that hair transplantation in spring is more advantageous. The reason for this is that the scalp should not sweat too much during hair transplantation. It is also not recommended to penetrate the skin with harsh rays of sunlight. For this reason, although it is said that the spring months are the most suitable months, there is no rule regarding this issue. It can be traded in any season.

When Does Hair Grow After Hair Transplantation?

The rate of hair growth after hair transplantation begins to occur with the healing of the hair follicle. In other words, in order for hair to start growing, the hair follicle must first heal. After hair transplantation, the hair follicles heal completely in approximately 3-5 months. After this recovery, the hair begins to grow. After the healing of the scalp, hair growth can be supported with care oils. However, during the healing process, no medication other than the cream and antibiotics prescribed by the doctor should be used.

Can False Hair Transplantation Be Corrected?

Wrong hair transplantation is among the problems that the wrong hair transplantation centers can bring to you. For this reason, your research on the best hair transplant centers and prices is very important. If you are faced with such a situation, the result of hair transplantation will fail. In such cases, the result of the planting process can be changed by consulting the specialist. But it is not always irreversible and all processes may need to be restarted. Doing a good research beforehand can protect you from facing this situation.

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