Lumbar Hernia Decreases People's Quality of Life

Low Back Fit Affects People's Quality of Life
Lumbar Hernia Decreases People's Quality of Life

Şanlıurfa Training and Research Hospital Brain and Nerve Surgery Specialist Operator Doctor Ümit Zeydoğlu said that lumbar hernia reduces the quality of life of people.

Zeydoğlu pointed out that lumbar disc hernia is a disease that affects daily life in neurosurgery practice.

Stating that early diagnosis, especially operative or conservative treatments after diagnosis, is very important for quality of life, Zeydoğlu said, “The disease can be diagnosed with MRI and physical examination. If there is an operative condition in the patients, they are operated on and the patients are healed in this way.” said.

Emphasizing that patients should consult a doctor especially when they have low back and leg pain, Zeydoğlu said, “Physical therapy and medical treatment are applied in non-operative disc hernias. Leg pain causes weakness, especially in the ankle, in the future, and this condition can remain irreversible if not operated within 24 hours. he said.

Pointing out that herniated disc reduces the quality of life, Zeydoğlu said, “Patients should come in the early period and if there is a condition that requires an operation due to both the neck and the waist, they should apply to us and start treatment for the necessary procedures.” used the phrase.

Zeydoğlu stated that among the population of more than 2 million, cases of water accumulation in the brain, hydrocephalus and lumbar discrepancy, which are encountered in pediatric neurosurgery, are very common, and said:

“What we can recommend in terms of preventing these is to examine the patients before and during pregnancy and diagnose the diseases. When hydrocephalus and meningomyelocele occur, it is difficult to treat. It is necessary to apply to the hospital when numbness, tingling, weakness occurs in the hands in disc herniation, or pain or weakness in the legs in lumbar disc herniation.

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