Akşener Attended the Handicapped-Free Life Workshop

Aksener Participated in Disability-Free Life Workshop
Akşener Attended the Handicapped-Free Life Workshop

IYI Party Chairman Meral Akşener spoke at the "Accessible Life Workshop" organized by the Social Policies Presidency of her party.

Akşener expressed her pleasure in making the opening speech of the Workshop on Life Without Barriers and said, “There is a study carried out by our Social Policies Presidency. 'How can we provide a disability-free life to our disabled individuals, what will we do when we are in power?' The answer is a study. We will present this work first and then open it to the approval and recommendation of the original owners of the work.” used the phrases.

Reminding that he received primary school teacher training, Akşener said, “Tell children about education by doing and experiencing. This workshop will enable us to determine our projects and policies that will be shaped by the suggestions of the residents.” he said.

Stating that there are visually impaired individuals in his family, Akşener said, “I am a person who knows closely that the relatives of disabled people in Turkey have a very difficult time in their lives, no matter what system they are in. They are respected and compassionate, but it is a very difficult life institutionally.” he spoke

Expressing that mothers with disabled children are a person who sees and feels the concern of 'how can I leave my child', Akşener said, “I want us to carry out a work together that will minimize that feeling of those mothers and exchange that feeling of those mothers with the feeling of security. I would like to thank you today for your support for your support on this issue and for your criticisms.” used the phrases.

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