An Excellent Remedy of Constipation; Leek Salad

The Care of Constipation Leek Salad
Remedy for Constipation; Leek Salad

Dr.Fevzi Özgönül gave important information about the subject. Özgönül said, “Leek, which is one of the important foods of Mediterranean cuisine, is an extremely beneficial food item especially for our kidneys and digestive system. For example; Leek salad provides an excellent solution for those suffering from severe constipation.

We live in days when vegetables such as cabbage, leek, celery, spinach and cauliflower are abundant. Each of these vegetables is a different source of healing and health. But nowadays we forget even the existence of such foods.

One of the vegetables that we do not appreciate today is "LEAK". This vegetable, which is a source of health, is a very rich food item in terms of potassium, calcium, iron and phosphorus. At the same time, it contains plenty of vitamins A, B1, B2, C and E. In addition to all these features, leek not only helps your kidneys work comfortably, but also prevents the formation of kidney stones thanks to the active substance that prevents stone formation in its content.

Unable to count the benefits of leeks, Dr. Fevzi Özgönül continued his words as follows;

Leek ensures regular and comfortable functioning of the gallbladder. It is diuretic. Syrup softens the chest, stops coughing. It removes loss of appetite. It is good for stomach ailments. It is beneficial in rheumatism, joint pain, arteriosclerosis, kidney diseases, uremia and urinary retention. Its juice is beneficial for acne and blemishes on the face. It strengthens the nerves. It is useful for hemorrhoids. It is also used in bee sting.

Leek food, which will be consumed frequently, will both regulate the intestinal flora and will gradually eliminate constipation. If constipation is not based on a biological cause, it is necessary to change the diet.

Now let's get to the recipe of leek salad that we will recommend to those who have constipation problems;


  • Green stalk of leek
  • Hot water
  • Limon
  • Olive oil
  • Rock salt


Wash the green stalks of the leek thoroughly, then chop it in 4 finger thickness, rub it with a pinch of rock salt in a bowl, pour hot water on it, wait 5 minutes, strain the water, Then squeeze lemon and add olive oil and consume it like a salad.

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