İzmir's Forests Are Safer With Smart Notification System

Izmir is Safer with Intelligent Fire Warning System
İzmir is Safer with Intelligent Fire Warning System

Thanks to the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's first Intelligent Warning System in its field in Turkey, 3 fires were responded to in the last 34 months at the initial stage. Thanks to the image processing technology that works with a total of 18 cameras in 72 towers, 62 percent of the forested areas are kept under control.

Izmir's forests are now safer with the Smart Notification System (AIS), the first of its kind in Turkey, by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department Head İsmail Derse said that 3 fires were intervened in the initial phase with AİS in 34 months. The lesson said, “With AİS, important fires were caught in many regions such as Bayındır, Urla and Seferihisar. Cameras detect smoke. White, gray and black smoke. Black smoke also indicates the shape and course of the fire. The Intelligent Warning System transmits the location and coordinates of the smoke image it receives to the firefighters and headmen.”

The aim is to extinguish the fire at the moment of its start.

İsmail Derse emphasized that after receiving the warning, the closest units intervened in the fire first, and said: “The aim here is to extinguish the fire at the moment of its start. In moments like this, we compete with the minutes. Since the Intelligent Warning System can detect the fire before us, it gives the signal to our switchboards. In the past, one of our citizens noticed this and then reported it. In such a case, we were informed of the fire when it was almost at the end stage, not at the beginning. Now, it is completely intervened at the beginning,” he said.

“Artificial intelligence has come to be used in all disasters”

Ahmet Ata Temiz, Head of the IT Department of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, said that as a result of the notification, the system automatically detects the smoke and transmits it to the units. Emphasizing that in the first stage they monitored the forested areas with 12 cameras in 48 towers, and now the system works actively with a total of 18 cameras in 72 towers, Ata Temiz said, “We are working to bring this number to XNUMX percent. A few countries in the world have this system. Artificial intelligence has actually come to be used in all disasters. We started with forest fires, but it is at a level that can be used in every conceivable disaster such as floods in the whole city, creek overflows. We are constantly improving the system in order for İzmir to be safe and ready for disasters.”

AI works on thousands of frames to learn smoke

Noting that artificial intelligence is a system that works without human touch, Temiz said, “It watches the forests 7 hours a day, 24 days a week. In the smallest event, he frames it as soon as he sees smoke or flame. And here he is sending the notice.” Saying that they are working on thousands of frames to teach artificial intelligence about smoke, Temiz said, “There are clouds here, but he does not see it as a fire. A good system, a well-crafted system detects properly and reduces the fire to the system.”
AIS started to work actively in April.

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